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January 29, 2011


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Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

Oh my heavens! It is beautiful! Congratulations! You must be floating today!


It really does look beautiful Jeanne! I wish you mounds of success!


Awesome, Jeanne! It's all very exciting and so beautiful!
Congratulations on an exceptional collaborative work!

Jennifer Rizzo

Congrats Jeanne! It's fantastic!!!!!

Rachel @ A Cupcake For Moose

Oh my goodness, SO lovely! Sara really captured your personality. Congrats!


love you girly! so happy you like the new site! I love it too! xoxo


Found it ~ bookmarked it and it is beautiful Jeanne!

Jen R

It is beautiful Jeanne! Sara did a wonderful job. It is soft, comfortable, relaxing, stylish, and so - so pretty. Congrats to you - looking forward to visiting you in your new "home." :)

Robin Thomas

Congratulations. It is all so amazing looking. Well done!

misty thurman

lovely to look at, a pleasure to read, sweet playlist. i'm smiling.


Absolutly gorgeous!! I wish you well you have worked so hard enjoy your next journey :))) x

Zita - Mlle Magpie

I love what you and Sara came up with for your new re-design. Just beautiful. Sigh... p.s. my new studio space is a complete and utter disaster but I hung up my cream ruffle tote on a hook beside your ruffled apron in there and was content for at least a few moments amidst the chaos :)


your new blog looks really beautiful! So professional!! Congrats!!!


beyond beautiful!

i LOVE it!


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