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January 13, 2011


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i WILL absolutely get on my knees and lift Joanne and her family up in my prayers.

i am in tears Jeanne...she sounds likes a gem. a truly amazing, wonderous woman.

what her husband wrote is so precious, so tender. yes, true love.

this is such a reminder of how quickly life can change...in an instant... and how we shouldn't take each breath we breathe for granted.

YOU, my friend, are a treasure. a testament. a beautiful, beautiful soul.



I am praying for her and her family. This is so heartbreaking and a wake up call to never, ever take anything for granted. Thank you for sharing her story and letting us send her our thoughts and prayers.


Heartbreaking! Sounds like she is a amazing woman


i saw that you retweeted toben's tweet & i wondered if you know each other, as i thought she was from colorado.
i have had her on my mind & in my thoughts too.
continuing to lift this amazing woman up!


I actually didnt mean to retweet Tobens tweet. I was meaning to respond to him...I am such a twitter dork. She is precious!

To: [email protected]


wow. thank you for the reminder about life...each breath is a GIFT... how can i forget so often? sigh. i will continue praying for joanne and her family. looking at that picture, the glow and beauty from knowing jesus just jumps off the screen. i am so glad she knows and loves him as i am sure they are conversing and holding each other behind those closed eyes.




oh dear..I am amazed that God has allowed you to find each other again after all this time and here you are interceeding on her behalf..may God be her family's strength during this difficult time..praying!!!!!!please keep us updated! Thanks! Stephanie


they are in my prayers. that is so sad. what an amazing husband.


Sitting here in tears.


I'll be praying for Joanne and her family - it's wonderful to hear a love story like that :-).

Love ya!


crying and on my knees... my God give her the grace she has blessed this world with.

Sami Jo

Oh sweets. I sure will pray for her and her family. Thank you for giving me the oppotunity to know her in my own way and pray for her healing so that she may continue to be used for the Glory of His precious plan.

Sincerely, Sami Jo


Oh my....

Many prayers being lifted.


Just saw this on another blog. I am heartbroken for her husband and young daughters as I can't imagine how those girls feel seeing there mother like this. Praying that no further damage is done and her body and mind are restored.


done jeanne!!
my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family to have comfort and strength.
the first two line in your blog i really did.
i need to do this all day.
i had just finished my blog about my aunt and started blog hopping.
found yours and thought to myself...yay!!
i need jeanne to uplift me and she did.
she reminded me to breathe.
what i wasn't ready for was more tears.
i am humbled.
i am honored to pray for you and your friend.
i am blessed to know that prayers do get heard.
i am thankful for MY life!!
i am planning on living it more fully in 2011.
thank you for the reminder!!

my LIFE is a GIFT!!
{{HUGS}} to you my sweet, brave friend.


am praying...please keep us updated about joanne and her family...

Courtney Walsh

oh my goodness,Jeanne. It's so scary how that happens so quickly...in an instant, everything changes. I will be praying for her. God is a God of miracles. I believe that with all my heart!

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top

I have tears streaming down my face. It's always a wake-up call when you hear something like this. I will keep this family in my prayers.

Cindy Swanson

Just wanted you to know, I read her husband's blog entries and my heart broke for them both. I had to stop and lift up a heartfelt prayer for them. I pray the Lord will touch her body and raise her up...and in the meantime that He will make Himself especially real to all of them.

amy~ the gypsy chick

Jeanne, i am lifting Joanne & the entire Heim family up in prayers. my heart goes out to her...


I will pray for her and her family. This is so sad. Life and breathing truly is such a gift.


I said a prayer for her. This is so sad and unexpected. We need to lift her and her family up to the Lord for his mercy and his will for that family.

The Flying Bee

I will definitely be praying.


God be with her and her family..lifting her up!

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