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January 28, 2011


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i have pigtail envy. i am a girl with naturally curly hair....they just don't work for me.
enjoy them!


Those pigtails are too cute to not be age appropriate... wear them with JOY!

Can't wait to see what you've got in the works.. I'm sure it will be beautiful!!

emily ruth

i'm all about pigtails & braids...& age appropriate? please! check out betsey johnson, she's almost 70, she rocks the ponytails & she's one of the most stylish girls around :)


You are too cute!! Can't wait to see what you've been up too!


Too funny! I am guilty of the same. I wear pigtails with my hats way more than I propbably should. Oh well, we'll make it the style to have;)


I'm all about comfort at this stage in my life...pigtails, ball caps, sweat pants, my sons old hoodies...LOVE IT ALL!


Cute, cute, cute!!!

The Flying Bee

so funny...I just took a bunch of silly pics that I was going to post, except my 10 year old didn't take them...I took them of myself! ha ha ha ha...who does that?!!

looking forward to all your bloggy changes.

love your pigtails!

LLH Designs

How cute are you?!?! And hooray for your 10 year old's photography skills!

Happy weekend!


i, for one, liked the pigtails. fun running into you. next time coffee:)

lorraine lewis

age appropriate? are there hair police? i hope not because i still wear braids in my hair :-)

Susan Reaney

You are a goof-ball, Jeanne! That's why i like you ;-)

Shanon Gallegos

If something is not age appropriate and I like it then I DON'T CARE what anyone else thinks! Wear those pigtails with pride!

Susan S



Okay, you know that I wear pig tails and I'm way older than you. Wear them with pride. I find the older I get the less I care about what is "age appropriate." You look adorable! Can't wait to see you!



P.S. Lickety lick~you crack me up!

Jennifer Rizzo

Now you make me miss my long hair! I might have to grow it out because I want to be just like you. All of the time. Always.


Your funny Jeanne!! hee if i had longer hair i would wear piggy tails I think they are cute!! :)

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