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January 09, 2011


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i've been taking my photos too...my photo blog is currently under construction!

amy~ the gypsy chick

i'm in! i started a couple of days ago... but didn't take one today, oh well i can always try to take two tomorrow right ;)


I merged my 2 blogs so I could just maintain one but the focus is photography as I begin this new chapter in my life. www.brandiepahl.com

Love that camera Jeanne! Don't you just love vintage cameras:)


The snow is thickly coating everything here but the sun's shining - perfect for snapping a few photos!

Leah C

I post photos on my photoblog about 3 times a week...I knew I'd "fail" if I tried to do a photo everyday:) Snow falling here, too; the girls' got their first "snow day" today!


Here's my photo blog, but I haven't updated lately... I'm waiting on my new camera!!!!!! capturedhighlights.blogspot.com


i cannot wait to head over to your photo blog!!!

hmmmm.....something i may have to think about creating!!!

hope you are all snuggled in and staying warm



I started my blog a month or two ago. I combine photos with writing - mine and quotes from others... It has really resparked my interest in getting out there with my camera every day!


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