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January 18, 2011


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have a great time and the kids will recover from their sugar high! xo


I can not believe that this time tomorrow we will be playing!!!!

Leah C

Have a wonderful time! Safe travels:)


Have a fabulous time! Looking forward to hearing about it later :)

anne marie

if Tracy Porter can do it Jeanne...you certainly can....

many other women find the balance, and you my sweet friend are put together rather solidly in your faith and family...the art is just an expression of that!

Anne Marie


Safe travels and TONS of fun!

Flower Patch Farmgirl

I'm happy for you! Sounds like fun. And a summit sounds so official! Presidential, even!

(And as a bonus, you'll be spared from any FNL drivel or wall-heisting.)

Exquisite accessories

Hi Jeanne, wow you lucky lady have lots of fun, stay true to your heart then your'll be right :)


YAY!!! have a wonderful refreshing lovely time! can't wait to hear all about it!

LLH Designs

I so wish I were going!

I'm in the same boat. My business has grown (through word of mouth) beyond what I can manage or want to manage (because I don't want to rob so much time from my family). So I'm praying about which parts might need to go...or how to limit the orders I accept. Or close my doors several times a year for refreshment and time with my family (I close in the summer, but am considering closing for a few months now).

I know God has clarity and will give it...I just need to spend more time with him akin and listening.

Enjoy every minute of Alt!

amy~ the gypsy chick

i hope that you have a great trip & take lots & lots of pics!!!

p.s. my camera bag came yesterday & i LOVE it!!!!
thank you!!!


Safe travels and have a fabulous time! sending prayers for Joanne.

Amanda asweetliferocks

Enjoy this very special time away! It is a gift to be enjoyed.

You know, I want to encourage you. "Let the peace of God rule in your heart", as the Bible says. I try to live by that scripture. I know when I am letting other things/desires rule in my heart, and I know when I am letting God's peace rule.

He will give us peace in the way we should go........


i am so envious that you are going to summit.
THAT.s MY HOMETOWN girlfriend.
i really wanted to go this.
have the most wonderful time with good friends..good food and of course give our girl christy theeee biggest hug from me.
loves to you.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Have a most wonderful trip, Jeanne. Isn't it great to get away?!!


Have a great time. Getting away with friends and making new ones is the best!

Valerie L Johnson

I will miss your daily posts but know that creativity craves inspiration and like minds..will look forward to your return and as always beautiful words..
Thank you

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