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January 16, 2011


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I would love to take this class! Thanks so much for the chance. My thoughts are with your friend and her family.

kimberly at mimicharmante

speaking of the shop - guess what I am wearing today!!!! I absolutely LOVE my french tunic! love love love~
happy week my friend,


I can't imagine what Joanne and her family are going through... I'll keep them in my prayers.

What a wonderful class. I follow Christy's blog as well, and adore both of your art. Thanks for the chance.

Sarah/Brown Dog Studio

I love the idea of winning this, but thanks for just mentioning it...may have to take it no matter what!

Wendy Peatross

I love her stuff. Her class will be amazing.


Christy's work is soooo inspiring to me! I love her style and I'm constantly in awe of her creative talent. I would love to win an entry to this class!!

The Flying Bee

I would love to take this class! And I am so looking forward to your Spring collection! I am still praying for Joanne, too.

pam bennett

she IS amazing ;)


So beautiful & inspiring...This looks like an amazing class!

Limor David

the class looks amazing and I really love Christy's art!


Ooohhh - pick me - I really want to take Christy's class!


I would love to win a spot in Christy's class, she's one of the best!

Veronica K

Christy is SO TALENTED and I would love to win her class!!

Jill Green

Would love to learn Christy's gorgeous girls technique! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see what you have in your spring line up, Jeanne.

Dawn B

What an awesome giveaway I am so excited I can hardly stand it.
I am in love with Christy's art and keep sending her messages bugging her asking her how she does the girls in her collages. Now I can learn. I so hope that I win:) thank you

Dawn Tavela

This workshop looks amazing!


Love Christy's work and would absolutely love to win this!!! Thank you for offering it!!!


Continuing to send up prayers for Joanne and her family.

Would love to win the workshop - wonderful art! Thank you!

Robin Thomas

That workshop intrigues me. Please count me in! Thank you!


WOW!!! Beautiful! & a chance to win a spot! AMAZING!!!!


Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

Thank you so much for this opportunity to win! That is amazing.

Your friend is in my prayers.


I was just looking at Christy's class today, thinking of how fun it would be to do this. She is so inspiring and creative (like other blondes I know, wink wink).

I can't wait to see the spring collection. I could use a good dose of spring right about now.


Laura Clauson

Hi Jeanne,
Thank you for offering such an amazing give away. Blessings to you!

Kim G

Love this workshop, thanks for giving this away...so, so generous! Christy is amazing...love your blog too

Dolisa Winkelman

Love the ART!!! So Beautiful!

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