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January 26, 2011


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Wow!! I cannot wait to re*read this and click on all of your links!
I love how your blog is so full of info but also so easy to load when reading!!
Happy that you had such a wonderful time!


What a great update!! So fun to read about and I can't wait to come back and check out so many new blogs. You're amazing!


Leah C

Wow...your head must be spinning from all the excitement and information! Really fun to read about ALT...I may be "here" awhile, though:) Thanks for all the great links!

emily ruth

so fun to read all about it! i love to read recaps (no matter how long) of cool conferences like this...especially since i will not be going to one anytime soon (someday! i have confidence :)...love to see your pictures & friends & read what really stuck with you... thanks, my dear :)

karey m.

i really really like you. you were a bright spot wherever i looked. all those blondie strands of hair falling perfectly, like a magazine shoot. it's INSANE how i covet that hair.

i'm foggy this morning, but i want to tell you that you're so one of the good ones. i hope that makes sense. probably doesn't.

excellent recap. xoxo.


holy cow jeanne! This looks completely amazing. i feel so inspired just by reading your post. I have never heard of this before but not I'm thinking that someone should've called me... ;) see ya soon chickie!


Thanks, Jeanne, for the very kind words about Anthology magazine! Meg and I are so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the first issue.

Courtney Walsh

I don't even have it in me to read all of this. I have to run get notebook and pen so I can DIGEST it. :)

Next year, I'm going. Like it or not, suckah.lol

sandy B.

Oh, my! I can't believe it. Because I never win anything. Unless I overdo it and buy like 30 tickets. But I guess, in Him all things are Possible! Thank you so much Jeannie!
I had a really rough week, (we are moving). I will e-mail you my address. I got up this morning just to find out who the happy owner was going to be. I had to look twice to really believe it... Never thought it would be me. Even my girls are squeeling! I am happy they don't have the same size as I have. (yet :) )



oh my! sounds incredible.
i feel like such a blog underachiever when i hear of such fascinating events such as these....& you keep going to them!! lucky girlie

looking forward to your spring line


love this post. so many links and a free evening. yeah, i'll be linking to my heart's content tonight:) thanks. have a wonderfilled day!!!!


sounds amazing and what an experience:) loved all that you shared



It all sounds awesome! I look forward to checking out some of the links!!


Still loving my new tote from you planing to buy some more on pay day Feb 1st. Can't wait for next week to come.


Great post Jeanne and what an opportunity you had. I cannot wait for more of your posts about what you learned. Have a fabulous week-end!


jeanne, i made it through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was the longest post ever, and it sounded amazing. it sounded fascinating! i love those teal shoes with brown tights! and paul's home life sounded very encouraging, challenging, even safe for thinking thoughtfully and independently about life. cool stuff. thanks for the links, too. oh, love that you got to visit with nienie.


Oh my gosh Jeanne, that sounds absolutely incredible!!!!!! I am so there next year. I don't want to have to just read about it. I am going to visit every one of those people that you posted about that I don't already know. What an incredible experience!!!

lorraine lewis

so close to home and i missed it all! maybe next year.
i hope you enjoyed the beauty here in my little corner of the world!

i have a wonderful giveaway on my blog- i think you would love it :-)

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