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December 23, 2010


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What a beautiful experience...one that I am sure your children will remember for a lifetime. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea with us. There is no doubt you and your dear family blessed lives with these touching messages.

Happy Holidays!

Lana D

I could just see it in my mind...the tears just stung my eyes. I had to catch my breath when I read about the reluctant woman mouthing words of grace and gratitude. Oh, Jeanne, you were given those three beautiful babies to raise for the King...and you and your husband listened. You both get it...Those three are your opportunity to make this dark world such a place of light...and you listened...to a spirit of God to love them and others to pieces...what a beautiful thing.
and what a gift for the rest of us.

Kim G.

I too read the posts on this idea and wondered what the outcome would be, I am so glad you followed your heart on this one and now have a wonderful story to share and a memorable experience for your children as well. Blessings to you and your family.


I LOVE THIS, Jeanne! really great...what an important message for your children to grasp.

for all of us to grasp.
loving you--

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

Thank you, Jeanne. You blessed me with your sweet post today! (and your lovely blog music)

Happy week after Christmas!

: )

Julie M.


What a wonderful way to spread cheer. I'm too late to do this for Christmas, but I would imagine this would be welcome any time of the year.

Thanks for sharing, and have a Happy New Year!

Cathy Linard

I, too, cried through your post. Looking at my dining room filled with new toys, clothes & other possessions, I have felt for a long time that we need to infuse more meaning into our family's Christmases. This is a great way to do it. My oldest daughter is a shy one so I don't think she would cooperate. My little one, on the other hand, would talk to anybody anytime. So she would definitely be happy to hand out the slips of paper.

I'm a new blogger and learned about you through Tara Frey's book. I am so glad I looked up your site. It is beautiful! I blog about success in the retail, interior design and furniture sales businesses. But I mentioned your site in my post today because of the wonderful music I heard on your site. It really enhanced the blog-reading experience. I had no idea you could put a playlist in your blog. I'm going to look into that further. You can read your blog's mention on www.FABResultswithCathyLinard.blogspot.com.

amy~ the gypsy chick

i can not tell you how much that i love this idea! we are definitely going to do this next year!
i hope that you& your sweet family had a very blessed christmas!!!


That is so powerful! Awesome!


how wonderful, wonderful to do with your children! I'm sure it meant the world to everyone.
Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and Happy New year to you...your tree looks beautiful


I just read your post as I'm terribly behind on reading my favorite blogs. I love (!) your post. Went to the Brave Girls Club site and watched their video and teared up. I think I will print them out and carry them with me. Thanks for sharing!

PS You DO make the world a better place!


Hello, dear one...I haven't stalked your blog in awhile and am catching up tonight. This post just melted my heart...especially the part about Jack. You and your family are such a gift to the world. I love you.

Simply Bungalow

What a wonderfully sweet idea. I have two small children and I am always trying to teach them about being selfless and the simple kindness that make all the difference. I just love that you were able to capture that lesson in such a memorable way.
Happy Holidays,

Stephenie from Decorating Addiction

Love it! I saw this on Lola B's blog too, and I hope to do it with my nine year old in the future. I hope you had a wonderful New Year! Found you through TLC's best posts of 2010. Congratulations!


Happy New Year. I found you via the Lettered Cottage and wanted to thank you for this post. I hope I will remember and take the time to do this with my children next year.


This is a fabulous idea and one I'm tucking away for next year...or maybe at some random time this year! Thanks for posting this :)

Shabby Vintage Junk

Oh My HEAVENS Jeanne....I've just popped over from FMS & this post has BLOWN ME AWAY....I am sitting here at work with tears rolling down my cheeks BLUBBERING like a child....What a WONDERFUL experience for all of you but ESPECIALLY for your children....This simple activity....Showing kindness to strangers is a VERY powerful message....One that will resonate with them for years to come I'm SURE....What a FABULOUS Mum you are....!!

I'm THRILLED to have had the opportunity to find this post of ALL the posts in the blogisphere & THANK YOU for sharing this experience....!!! I often compliment people on the train, "Oh I love your shoes" or "That colour really suits your gorgeous eyes" & wave at strangers when I'm out driving but I would NEVER have thought of doing this....!!

Warmes wishes for an EXTRAORDINARY 2011,
Tamarah :o)


LOVE this! One year in Germany, Ethan and I were waiting for Ada's school bus. A woman walked up to us and gave us each these beautiful packages of candies and said Merry Christmas. I was so touched and thankful. When we got home, we couldn't wait to taste these beautiful candies (yes, eating candy from strangers, I know!) We both opened ours to try them. YUCK!!! They were Durian flavor and they were disgusting - I had seen her coming out of the Thai grocery store, so I should have known! I was so hurt. I like your idea much, much better!


Wow. Wow. Wow . . .

I wish my kids were little again. They're grown and gone to live their lives. Cherish the time you have with your children just as you have been doing. I tried to hold onto those memories when mine were little, because you know the time is fleeting.

When my boys were little, we would pick a little Christmas craft to do each year and then they would happily run around the neighborhood delivering their handmade treasures to the elderly on our block.

You are Jesus' hands . . . and you're teaching your children to be the same.

Blessings to you!


Toddler Approved

Loved this idea and shared on my blog today!!

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