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December 15, 2010


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In many ways I have always been the parent....even at 6...so I "turned into" my Grandfather, my Grandmother, My uncles and I am actually very proud of that. I love that I have given my children what they need and not made them over indulged, spoiled brats. I set the bar higher in some situations than was set for me and I am OK with that too. But I do love doing things like, rolling down the window and yelling "I LOVE YOU" at the top of my lungs when I drop off my kids at school...the way they look at me and cringe is enough to make me giggle all day.

Courtney Walsh

1. I love the shirt you're wearing in the picture with you and Jack.

2. I would like to join in your kids' crusade against chemicals in our produce. And don't get me started on whatever they do to our meat. Just ew.

3. I love you. :) And I think you're a wonderful mommy.

Patrice longmire

I love you. Ox


I don't have children but I often find myself saying stuff my mother said to my cats! Sad but true. I was the eldest child so I use 'and you should know better' on my eldest cat, got to laugh.


hi madolyn, nice to meet you, my name is cindy. hahaha. yes, i have turned into my mother. so funny. we laugh about it all the time. well sometimes i cringe. but that's ok.


ok, i feel like a nutrition underachiever as i have never heard of red 40, so clearly my children are consuming.
we are on the same page with the heater!

had no idea your baby girl was named after your mom.
i love that

funny thing. smk was at school 'getting on to' one of her buddies about his unsafe driving. and she then declared...oh my , i'm paige, in front of her senior posse :)


This made me smile and laugh and remember and be thankful:)

Jennifer Rizzo

You have to tell me where you found the candy at because the only thing I could find is candy canes for our tree from whole foods with beet coloring....So chocolate it is! Red 40 is in everything! MY SIL is in from England and they have none of that in their food and don't allow GMO's.


Yes. I am becoming my parents more everyday. I too love and appreciate it. Thanks for reflecting the joy and simplicity of the Christmas season as well. Your writings bless my soul. Thank you.

gabrielle messina

This is such a wonderful post, I have to tell you! Your kids are the cutest things and what smart little cookies too! It's wonderful that you make them aware of what's in the conventional food out there. I totally get the spending $50 on candy. I do the same, but figure that money is much better spent on what goes inside them, than on some frivolous plastic toy that is destined for a landfill. At our pizzeria, we hire sixteen year olds, and it's scary to see that so, so many of them don't even know how to sweep, because their parents never have them do chores! These kids are not passionate about anything! These parents should be so proud, the've turned their children into complete mush! P.S. Where do you order your candy from? I've just ordered some of the Yummy Earth gummy bears.... and ate all of them!! I can't have those things in my house too delish!!They were supposed to be for Christmas for my kids.... wandering over to order some more!

Lorie Yoder

Wonderful post. I totally agree. I am also becoming my mother, which is freaky and comforting at the same time.

I Love Pretty Little Things

What a blessing to grow up in such a wonderful home with good, solid, and loving values! It's so good that you are passing it along. I also grew up in rural Illinois. I would play in the corn fields. And, yes, I often hear my mother's voice come out of my mouth. Sometimes I am happy about that, then there are those other moments...Ha Ha She was a Wonderful Mom!!!

Enjoy your Darlings!-And they are darling :)

Rachel @*French Farmhouse 425*

Adorable kiddos!! Love your top too!:) Hugs, Rachel

*French Farmhouse 425*

Flower Patch Farmgirl

I bought a box of Little Debbie Christmas trees as a surprise last week. They have red ornaments. Can we still be friends???

I loved reading this post and learning a little more about you!

I'm SO with you on the singing all day long and smothering them in love. And...I HATE folding the whites! Especially the socks. Oh, it's so BAD. Especially when they are ALl inside-out.

ps- I leave 'em inside out.

The end.


"If it's not one thing, it's your mother (another)." Thanks for the great post.

lorraine lewis

lovely post jeanne- sweet christmas blessings to you!

Leah C

I think I "became" my parents the minute I gave birth to my firstborn:) And I'm ok with that...like you, I'm proud of it! Wonderful post, Jeanne:)

Alicia @ La Famille

oh goodness, i just spent the day with my mom baking for christmas. we pretty much finish each other's sentences...yep, i have become my mother. and that's ok with me. i luv my mama :)


dear jeanne....
this is a beautiful post.
everything about it.
thank you so much for sharing your words. i needed them so.
i am going to sit with your question for a thoughtful bit.

your family is a precious as you.

i love you dear sister.
merry christmas.



Beautiful post. It always surprises me when I do something and I immediately feel like my mama. As for the candy, my children aren't allowed to eat any candy made in China. Fortunately, they do not complain, they just know they have to have me check it out first. And even more fortunately they wait until we are in private before asking me so as not to offend the giver :)


What ever you are doing to ensure a healthy life for you and your lovies is paying off.... glowing skin, beautiful smiles, shiny hair... you'll are so fresh and healthy! Good job mama!! I also want to know what camera you use... your photos are always so vibrant.


Ms. "J"
I adore your Bo-ho chic-ness with that cool blouse you are wearing and you and your Son look so much alike, yet picture when you show Dad with them look like him as well, great combo kids :)

I too will dance crazy in front of my daughter and with her and her college friends "Laughing-out-loud"
Yes I am sure in the back of her mind she is saying stop! stop your crazy-ness Mom you are embarrassing me!!

The whole Red 40 thing made me and my daughter LOL!! we do the same thing and much more, in fact my daughter reads what is in eveything that she picks up :)

Keeping it as healthy as we can :)

Enjoyed this post, stay beautiful.
Joyeux Noel


I use a Canon 5D Mark II.

To: jeanneoli@hotmail.com

Shanon Gallegos

I, too love to "red 40". We could NEVER have "red dye #2" growing up. No marchiano (sp?) cherries on top of our 1 birthday sundae we got each year. I still dislike them to this day....
I love that part of me is my mom, I like to think I got her good traits and tied them with my own.
I grew up in rural Vermont and I do wish my kids could experience that...playing in "the woods" was our daily pasttime. How we longed for pavement for our bikes and other friends to play with! Pros and cons both ways, I guess.
I continue to look your blog up first each day, thanks so much for sharing!

Patricia Roebuck

It sounds wonderful! ;)

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