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December 09, 2010


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Angie H.

Wow! What a fantastic giveaway. Thank you

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

How lovely, Jeanne! I hope you and your beautiful family are having a blessed December!

: )

Julie M.

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

I said a little tweet about your sweet give-away. : )


Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

I let the folks on my facebook know too! : )



I still have not registered? Why have I procrastinated? could it be that my soul is waiting to win? I hope so.


Just shared on facebook!


and shared on my blog!


and now my twitter friends know!


What an amazing opportunity! Thanks for the chance to have this experience.




I have been reading your posts and appreciate your honesty!! I would never be able to go to the camp but would love the online course. Yes my soul needs some tending to...It hasn't been easy...I would love a chance at this great opportunity!! Thank You!

Sue Malone

So look forward to the uplifting of my spirit and soul on a daily basis by all the BG info-so wonderful to be supported by fab women who don't know me but...yet they do! So nice to be nutured; as women we give and give and give-fantastic to be replenished! We MUST! Thanks. for sharing your heart and soul. A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck, a barrel and a heap talking in my sleep about who? Talking in my sleep about YOU! I LOVE YOU!

Lindsey Wolosiewicz

i would love to do this.


I would just love this... thank you for the opportunity! Theresa xoxo

Deidra K

I just put myself on the [very loooong] waiting list for the mother and daughter camp next summer. As chances are slim that we'll get in I'd love to win the Soul Restoration online course!

heidi d

I.Need. this......!

Amanda asweetliferocks

Wow, it looks really wonderful, but a bit scary! Why is that? Well, I have entered my comment for a chance to win.

deb from p.s. bohemian

please count me in - yep. :)

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

Hi Jeanne! I hope you're having a beautiful Sunday. I blogged about your lovely give-away last night too! http://thelittleredshop.blogspot.com/2010/12/bush-and-peck-brave-girl-give-away.html

: )

Julie M.


Ah, this sounds beautiful, and would be exactly what I need these days!

Julianne (aka "pinkscrapper")

I love, love, love, bragging about you!!! You are such a God send and I am a better person for knowing you my angel!!!

Julianne (aka "pinkscrapper")

Oh yeah, I posted about you on Facebook!!! You ROCK Jeanne!


Brave Girl camp was so awesome! I'd love to go back. Meantime, I need more work, restoring my soul! It's so hard to stay within the light.

jennifer bedford

Do you think Melody and Kathy could manage a total Soul RENOVATION ? .... would love to win to restore the old Jennifer as I know she's still in there somewhere. Thanks for the opportunity. Yay to you all!!

Jennifer Brazil

Wow, what an awesome opportunity!!

christina kwasniewski

oh jeanne...
what a lovely, lovely gift. if only melody and kathy had room for all of these hungry souls yearning for love and restoration. i really love deb's comment... "I'm certain God knows best who will need this."

and just in case that might be me, please add me to the wishlist. i am so blessed to have lived my dream... but after losing it, my world feels as though it has crumbled and what is left is a broken spirit and lost soul.

thank you for being a constant inspiration to all of us!!

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