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November 11, 2010


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Beautiful pictures! Beautiful family!


Such beautiful photos . . . the last of the fall foliage is hanging on here in North Virginia. It will be gone all too soon.


Beautiful photos I love how you captured the love of this wonderful family. I bet they were thrilled! Have a golden weekend. xo

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top

The one where the parents are looking at each other is my favorite. I love how the boy is looking at them too. So sweet!!! What a wonderful way to announce their new family. Beautiful photos.

Leah C

What beautiful pictures...the family looks so happy! The colors are so pretty:)


jeanne, the photos are lovely. they are going to love them. i too love that shot of the family. i too love that candid family shot. those are always my favorite.




great photos! do you do photography as a business too?? how do you do it?! Love them :)
Also, can't wait for monday!!! fingers crossed :)


You took beautiful photos!
Your talent is endless (& inspiring)!!

sandy B.

Wow, beautiful photo's. So much Love.
And my favorite one is the picture of the couple looking at each other. Truly, beautiful.

Amanda asweetliferocks

Thanks for sharing a sample of your art....your beautiful photography. I am very excited to hear all the big news on Monday. Talk to you then....have a great weekend.

Courtney Walsh

The one of the parents looking at each other is my fave!! Adorable. :)


Great photos, what a special family!!! I have friends that live in colorado and they sent a photo of all the snow that fell yesterday, enough to make a snowman!! :) happy weekend!

anne marie

great pictures Jeanne! I just posted about you sweetie :)

Anne Marie

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

the light was just beautiful on those.


great time of year to take family pictures!!


What a beautiful family...I too love the photo of the parents loving looking at each other...so special.


These are awesome shots Jeanne ~ what a great family!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

Oh, these pictures are awesome! I love the family walking off into the distance ~ and the picture of the mom and little girl!


what beautiful images....you captured lots of love and happiness through your lens!!



I love the photos! The last photo is so unique, I love it!

Lee Ann

Beautiful photography! You have a special eye that captures the realness in moments well. Love how you showed the wonderful meshing of this new family. I love the one of the husband and wife looking at each other and the one of momma and daughter.

♥Lee Ann


What a sweet new family! you captured wonderful photos for them the share,


what a wonderful family you captured...those pictures are beautiful and the last bits of fall captured in them are so pretty


Love the fall photos.

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