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November 29, 2010


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Those are adorable! Thank you for the giveaway!


I love Jacqueline's blog, it is on of my daily reads! Her photos are always so inspiring as well as her words! Thanks for the chance!!


A Cupcake For Moose

Those are the most adorable elephant coasters! I love that you are showcasing small business owners like Jacqueline. It is a real treat to learn about others inspiration and ideas.


Liz Roberts

Wow, those are so cute it hurts!! Love those elephant coasters!


Awhhhh, those elephant coasters are the cutest everrr!!!!! They would be perfect in our daughters playroom!!!!! Thanks for sharing Jacqueline with us!!!!!

Michelle Torres

Leah C

So nice to "meet" Jacqueline! Those elephants are adorable:)


Hello Jacqueline! What a lovely interview...I admire your determination and spunk---you are already a success in my book! Suzen

paula    joerling

It's so nice to know more about Jacqueline and why she does what she does. I'm so glad that she was interviewed.

Sara - Dream Big

Great to read about your first Pay It Forward artist!


it's all so sweet.
my grandmother adn my great aunt used to make us hand sewn felt ornaments every year.
like the elephants that jacqueline makes!

Anne P.

Your name "So Cute it Hurts" fits your product so well. Your products just make me smile!


I soooo love Jacqueline...I been following her for a long time....she is really one of the sweetest souls around...plus she is sooooo creative! Love Her!


Jane T in NW Louisiana

Now, if those elephants are the cutest! I am afraid I would have to put mine where I could see them and not take a chance of spilling something on them. I hope all of Jacqueline's wishes come true.

Jane T in NW Louisiana

elephants aren't

Alicia @ La Famille

how fun! love her look :)

Margie Rowles

Oh my!!! Love, love, LOVE her stuff. I can see an order in my very near future.


I'm thrilled and completely honored to be included among such a talented group of artists. Thanks again, Jeanne!! I'm also definitely looking forward to the other four interviews of the the businesses that won the Pay It Forward. Thank you so much once again sweet Jeanne and Jeanne's readers for sending me your love and support! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you and yours!


I have been visiting Jacqueline's blog for awhile now and I just have to say that she is such a sweet and talented person :)

catina jane

this girl is one of the nicest online crafty mama's i've ever met!!! love ya!!!


Love the coasters! Jacqueline's creations are all so adorable.
...This is the first time I have visited your blog, Jeanne. It's very lovely.
Cheers, Lalove

Lana D

I can not get over the little intricate things she creates! They are really too cute! I think the coasters are beautiful and really unique! Sign me up!


Her stuff is soooooo stinkin cute! Thanks for the giveaway!!


OOH I am so sad I missed the opportunity to win those elephant coasters-THEY ARE FABULOUS!


I need that camera!!! It hurts, indeed. You are so talented, my friend...and I love that statement about being a thriving artist. There is a difference between being an artist and a thriving artist...I think it is wise to remind ourselves of that.

Yay, for you!

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