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November 16, 2010


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Your bedroom is lovely! The bedding is so sweet and simple, but w/ the beautiful ruffles, love it!! The door/headboard if perect too! Great find!


I just adoor your bed!


very cool, jeanne! looks like you had a lot of fun piecing it all together.

Amanda asweetliferocks

The room, bed and linens are fantastic! Very good looking!
My latest vintage treasures were not found in a market, instead they were already in my own home. I have a lot of old things that are very special to me (hope chest, jewelry box, large mirrors, etc). I have found myself taking extra special care of them lately and displaying them intentionally in our home.


~*~LOVE it Jeanne!!! BTW I used to go to the barn when i lived in colorado springs we would drive up to the Castle Rock outlets and go to the amazing barn!! ;) Hugs, Rachel~*~~*~

Karen Cannon

Jeanne! Your bedroom is gorgeous!!!


I love your gorgeous bed! That door is perfection no matter what you use it for. My last great score was a white iron twin bed I found for $35 at a garage sale 3 houses down from mine. The village has some good stuff!


that is perfect jeanne. i love the desk at the end of the bed too. very cute.


OMG Jeanne.. what a gorgeous home u hv.. love your style... I can't wait to see more.
You inspire me.
Plain and simple. xo


It looks beautiful, great find.


What a lovely welcoming room! Can I stay there??

My most recent vintage find is a pair of clogs that have fringe on the front, made of brown leather. The craftsmanship is beautiful and they are like new! Wearing today!

LOVE ebay!! Suzen


a fireplace in your bedroom?

my fave flea find was at the country living fair. i scored a ginormous chalkboard. unfortunately it was not $45

i love your bedroom
( wow ...that sounds sorta creepy)

Flower Patch Farmgirl

You do NOT have a fireplace in your bedroom. I refuse to believe it...until proven otherwise.


So, sooooo jealous! It looks amazing!!!

gabrielle messina

Jeanne, it's a lovely new bed! The bed linens... they make me want to come over for a nap!! And, I'm loving the bookcase nightstands!


Love it! On the TV sitcom "How I Met Your Mother", they have an old door in a bright vibrant turquoise color as their headboard and I just fell in love with the idea!

I love your bedding too! And the desk at the end of the bed!
Very lovely!!



Castle Rock WI? That's only about an hour from me I think, beautiful place!


The door is perfect! Love it. Our headboard is a door too...Mr. Davey Long Legs can't have a footboard as his size 14s will get stuck....so we just go with the top!

Love the calm colors in your bedroom...the perfect place to flop down at the end of a busy day.


Love the bed and love your bedroom! It looks perfect

Leah C

Your bedroom is beautiful:) My hubby & I just "remodeled" our bedroom and we used an old door as a headboard, too...I've been wanting one for years and finally got it...yay!!


looks fabulous! very beautiful.

Alicia @ La Famille

L.O.V.E!! Your room is gorgeous! Feeling very inspired now :)



I love it...and oh how I love your bedding!!! I can't wait to go back to the Barn on my next visit to Denver :))

Hugs ~

:) T

p.s. did I totally miss out on ordering the vintage velvet clutch in your shop?? or will you be making more? xo


looooveeeely! so pretty, Jeanne. I want to curl up in your bed with a good book... looks so cozy.


What a perfect addition to your room!

I love the idea of those barn stalls being little shops. I would love to see that!!

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