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October 01, 2010


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Wish it wasn't so far to your backyard; we would have loved to have been there with Ben and you all for the movie night birthday party!! It is such a great idea. So glad the weather cooperated:)


I've always wanted to host an outdoor movie night! Such fun!!!

Leah C

We had an outdoor movie night in my cousin's backyard {in NY} this summer...such a good time:) And, of course, we had the staples, too: popcorn, candy, & blankets! Sorry, no beer;) That "Bad-to-the-Bone" boy of yours is such a cutie...hope Ben had a wonderful birthday bash!


Sounds amazing.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

THAT is beyond cool. Why aren't you my neighbor?? Oh and love Ben's hair. He looks so much different!


What a great birthday party, looks like a lot of fun!


heh, ok I am going to be totally honest, I would be smuggling the beer with the boys! :) great party, great night! have a wonderful weekend! xo


what a great idea jeanne. how fun. i'm coming next year. {nothing like some "freak" just inviting herself} hehehe. have a great weekend.


What a wonderful way to watch a movie and to celebrate your son's birthday!


I have been wanting to do this for the last couple of years. This is the second post I read today having an outdoor movie night. Enjoy! xo

Courtney Walsh

I had so so much fun at your outdoor movie. so sad our weekend was cut short, but so thankful we were able to see you guys!! :)


Ok, seriously??...that is the COOLEST thing I have seen for a little outdoor get together. What a great idea!!

You are just too much fun. Love.it.



Wow that looks like so much fun! What a great idea - love the smuggled beer.


Seriuosly, that is so cool... wish my neighborhood was that cool. And I just love Benjamins hair.

Liz Roberts

You guys are soooo cool!! I am so glad you blog about all your great ideas so I can copy them! We are in Phoenix, so I will have to wait another month or so(it was 105 today, can you believe it, it's October for crying out loud). Can't wait to do this too!


That looks like the best birthday ever! Ben will remember it forever because of how special you all made it. I have been sitting here for a little while now listening to your wonderful playlist and going through your older posts completely enjoying my visit. Thanks for a nice relaxing time! Theresa xoxo


We've always wanted to do this! Great idea! Thanks for the inpiration :)


That looks so fun, it's something I've wanted to do for a long time....if you have time, can you tell me how you actually do it, like what type of projector or digital device you used, etc.

Amy Jo Axe

So much fun and what a memorable birthday for your sweet little Ben!


We do a movie night every summer too..funny enough, we didn't do ours this year because we had too much going on. I missed it...definitey putting it back on the schedule next summer.

Yours looked fantastic! What a great night.


you really know how to throw a party! your son is a doll. coolest hair ever!


I have only done that once... SO much Fun!!! ;) My kids would get a hoot out of that!


these pictures makes me feel all warm, fuzzy and makes me think of family...its been a long time since we had spend time together... let alone watch a movie... think i will be doing just that!


What a fantastic and fun idea!


i didn't realize that your yard was so HUGE! what a fun event. wish we could've gone.

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