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October 18, 2010


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Julie Parmer Hosley

miss you.
love you.


and finally....facebooked your link:-)

Lynda aka alrlsmom

LOVE your new collection!!! Just amazing!!!


the collection is amazing!!! i cannot wait for all my new goodies to arrive!!! thank you so much for sharing your brilliant creativity with all of us!!! ann

Wendy Lawrence

Wow-Beautiful goodies..... To win a gc is to a blessing to anyone. Keep up the beautiful work.

Shanon Gallegos

As usual, I love to see your new posts on your blog.... time to browse your newly redone etsy shop!

Amanda Riddle

Love, love , love all of your beautiful things!


CONGRATS on all your new goodies..... omg.. i love it all! You have such talent gf.. and u are so so loved. xoxoxooxo LOVE YOU.


Everything is simply stunning Jeanne!!!! You were absolutely right when you said this the best collection yet. Wow lady!!!!!!!

Sherry Williams

wow. this is your best shop opening yet. sheesh. i'd take anything and be super happy. you are so talented. i'm a sucker for your bags...they are on my wish list every time. what a nice giveaway...someone will be so very happy.

Rebecca Ragan

Oh my word! I always love your work, but this line is exceptional!!! Well done!

Carla Ludwig

Jeanne, Everything is beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a generous gift.


Holly Sax

Love the new stock! It is all beautiful. Its great to see artists making it, chasing their dreams, and using their God given gifts.


What a wonderful giveaway Jeanne ~ I am heading over to your shop now to make a wish list!! Please throw my name in the hat ~ I love your stuff.


Everything is amazing, I have spent all day checking in on all your goodies and I have quite a few more I want to purchase!!! :)


Tweeted about your wonderful shop :)


i am drooling on my keyboard over your new collection!!!!

such talent my new found friend!!!!

i will be blogging and facebooking about it!!!



Well, Im just Flipping My Lid over that Camera Bag! WOW.. Stunning. Everything looks really really Beautiful. I hope you are all Sold out by tonight. Get some sleep soon too. Jamie


Beautiful, Jeanne! I love your new collection. I see so much of the path you've been this past year in every piece.

Courtney Walsh

I blogged about it. :) www.courtneywalsh.typepad.com (in case you needed to know. hahah.)


Wow! So Beautiful!


The line is gorgeous, best of luck with it!

kimberly at mimicharmante

girlfriend, you are magical! I am so proud of you and your collection! you style is outstanding~


What a generous giveaway! Your new collection is beautiful!



I would LOVE to win! It all looks great and I bought the needles for my momma this morning :)

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