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October 18, 2010


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jeanne, this line is amazing
the photography is stunning
the bags are spectacular
& the french pieces are just beautiful


Jeanne! You have really outdone yourself ( I think I said that last time too!) I want it all...gorgeous!
I seriously think I have *hearted* everything in your shoppe :)

Rochelle Gaukel

just visited your shop...so many things I want that are going on my christmas list...maybe will have to get sooner before someone snatches them up!


As always I love looking at your Etsy listings... ordered the Artsy bracelet as a gift to myself. :)

Courtney Walsh

kay. I already bought my sweet bracelet but I would LOVE to win the chance for more!! :) woo hoo. Oh, and I facebooked about it this morning. Does that mean I get two tries?

can I get another try just for being your late night entertainment?

Gosh, that sounds really bad.


love love love love love love...
you amaze and delight me this morning with your talents and detail to beauty...
miss you...
love you...
kiss kiss

Tricia Whisler

I seriously felt like a stalker.... I HAD to have that dress! A-DORABLE!!! Now I need the holiday skirt and carpet bag. I'm LOOOOOVING this collection Jeanne! You are so talented that I'm believing that Jeanne Oliver Designs Boutiques are gonna be poppin' up in cities across the Country! :) Now GO TO BED!!!!!


I love the shop stuff!!

Laura Erickson

Congratulations on your new line! Everything is beautiful! I enjoy your blog so much~it's the only one I visit on a regular basis (okay I visit the Pioneer Woman blog too-but that's it!).
You really are an inspiration!

Amanda asweetliferocks.typepad.com

What a beautiful new line. What a very generous giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to shop with you and to possible "win" a piece of your new artwork........


oh i just love it all !!! wowzers , hopefully your adding some more of that holiday skirt , i need one !!!!


Eveything is beautiful! I loved seeing all your treasures from France. What an amazing experience you had there. I bought the carpet bag and the holiday skirt - sorry to Tricia who said she wanted them as well. Jeanne, I guess you will have to make more! -Kate

Leah C

Oh the new collection is amazing! And a great giveaway, too:) You are the best!


Ok, I just had to blog about it for the heck of it....not cuz Im greedy and want more of your stuff ;)

I think I need to go pray right now. I am seriously coveting everything....its bad. And stop adding new things!! Its killing me....

ps - get to bed woman!


this line is amazing!! love.love. everything in the shop.. simply beautiful!


i am SO going shopping right this minute.
so happy our paths crossed!


Oh my goodness -what an amazing giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

Shawn Seay

Can't type this fast enough.....Hurrying over to shop:)


And tweeted ...



hi friend!

left a facebook link for your fabulous shop!


& a tweet too! xo

a pocket full of posies

ADORE!!! absolutely every beautiful piece!!! You have truly outdone yourself!!
Many Blessings!


i have linked your pretties to my blog:-)


i love your simple and inspiring style. thanks for sharing....and giving an opportunity to win some of your pretties


i figured it would be hard to sleep today even as tired as you must be.=) i look forward to sharing the link with friends! so many treasures to make the heart happy, jeanne!

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