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October 31, 2010


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Maureen F

What a generous chance to win such a great prize. It is wonderful to read all the posts and see everyone's work. I have always loved to make stuff - I love all that is paper, fabric, beads, vintage and the list goes on. It truly feeds my soul to be able to create. I always have a dream in the back of my head that I could actually do this full time and make a living at it. Ahhhh to quit my unfulfilling day job that pays the bills and to be part of a community that lives a life of creativity. What a wonderful world that will be. With paper I enjoy making greeting cards, I scrapbook for the sheer joy of doing it with some awesome girlfriends. I enjoy making banners with fabric and paper. There are so many new fabrics to choose from and also some really awesome vintage fabrics from repurposed clothes to curtains. I have struggled to find the next step after opening my Etsy shop. I am a huge fan of Kelly Rae and have coveted her e-book series for a few months (as tough as times are, It isn't a good time for me to be able to purchase it - it is so on my wishlist)

Here is a link to my Etsy shop
Thank you again for paying it forward - What a big heart you have. And thanks for taking a peek into the world of Moe Made !!!


This is so awesome,and You're so awesome and so right many people don't like to share. I run into this all of the time. I have tried to get together with local photographers and chat how they started their business, share my ideas,just inspire each other. But it's hard most people don't want to chat, maybe they think I am trying to take their business or something. I have a photography business and I have Etsy store where I sell vintage goodies and am hoping to sell prints on there one day.

I love Kelly Rae she's awesome, and I love her new house !
dreaming of her datebook.

Blog: http://mchphotography.blogspot.com/
Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/onelovephoto8


Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Love this post Jeanne. What a wonderful wonderful idea.

About my shop...I create paper and glass pendants and keychains with inspirational sayings. I also paint mixed media pieces and custom home paintings using acrylic paints and paper. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one:)

Here are my links:

sherry Hicks

Jeanne, this is so nice of you to do. I do believe that those whom share with others are blessed. I have experienced a few people whom don't even return the favor of even responding when you compliment them after making a purchase whereas your shop and your blog are very, very personable. I am amazed at your work, the way you present your items is so pretty I keep the tags and flowers on my items for decor! I make bags and aprons so far and have many other ideas in the works, I am a new etsy shop owner, have been open for 4 weeks today!!! www.shantygirl.etsy.com and my blog is www.theshantygirl.blogspot.com I started using patterns for bags but very quickly was inspired to create my own designs for women that all have a very vintage feel. I have spent so much time setting up shop, painting and decorating studio and having a massive yard sale to fund the room that I have been drawing designs and now am free to create! I just posted the reveal of my home studio and I featured an item I purchased from you, that was before I read this and before I recieved the additional purchases I made from you. I hope you take a peek!! I wish there were more women whom become successful who mentor others as I feel that is true success not being jealous or afraid, being a leader!

Dru Beecher

How sweet are you! I am just starting a business called "ScrapWood". I am combining wood and papercrafting products into one. My hope is to turn it into a kit club. I am working on a website and a blog, so for now I've just been advertising it on my personal blog and word of mouth. My blog is www.bitsandbriefs.blogspot.com. Thanks so much for your offer.

Judy Tolman

What a great idea!

After my childhood friend was diagnosed with melanoma I knew it was time to change my habits, especially out in the sun. After many hours of searching for that "perfect" suit I had in my head, I decided I would design it and manufacture it. This idea has now grown into Panga Designs. We are approaching our one year anniversary and am proud to say we have swimsuits in stores from Beverly Hills to New York city.


Hi Jeanne,
It is I, your slightly neurotic reader. My name is Kelsee and I am in the planning stage of starting a business. I have really been trying to narrow down my products that I want to sell, the prices, my marketing ect. I have decided to do News Boy style hats for women and children. I have made a few, given them to close friends to try out and I have gotten some great feedback. I also am thinking about making vintage looking signs, just need to figure out a way to make mine stand out from the many others out there. I am in desperate need of any advice on how to go about this and make it enjoyable instead of a curse, like some other ventures I have taken on.

I currently only have a small craft blog, but I am working on making it bigger and better. http://pumpkinpiecrafts.blogspot.com/

Please oh please, let me win!!!!!

Thanks again for all your wonderful help and inspiration!

Lynda aka alrlsmom

Hi Jeanne,
This post is awesome...made a comment, but it somehow went poof...so here we go again...
I have most of my papercrafting on my blog and this post was just the push I needed to make the final steps to put my Etsy shop out there...(nothing in it yet, but I'm making progress)...
Thank you so much for sharing...you are a blessing!! XXOO


What a huge heart for such a tiny woman!
I love the pay it forward concept in everything...I do what I can when ever I can.
Sewing is my main craft since I was six. I love to sew anything and everything, especially quilts. I cant seem to get in on the selling thing for some reason. I had an etsy shop for 2 or so years and never sold anything, except to my sister, dont think that counts. I finally closed it and put my stuff on a link to my facebook page. It is listed under Just Like Nannies...Quilts, Crafts Etc. At least people can see what I do.
I also love painting, beading, and just any craft in general. I am pretty sure I have tried it all, except knitting.
And I am planning a large 3'x6' mixed media collage for my sister. We will see how that turns out.
Love you BG sister! Thanks for all you do!

Karen Cannon

What a great giveaway!!! I am a mixed media artist and sell my art on Ebay, on Etsy, privately and in galleries. My blog address is www.KarenCannon.blogspot.com and I would love for you to stop by sometime! I'm so glad that I found your blog!!!

Be good to yourself..

tracy dyar

Thanks so much. I am preparing to open an etsy store and I am eager to glean from those who have gone before me! Kelly Rae Roberts has been such a source of inspiration-as an artist and a business woman!

faded prairie

oh dear jeanne girl! you are absolutely amazing, and such an inspiration to me...this opportunity brought tears to my eyes...
i *adore* kelly rae roberts and own her taking flight inspiration and techniques to give your creative spirit wings..it is amazing!
i am the humble prairie girl behind the blog www.fadedprairie.blogspot.com and also run the etsy shop www.fadedprairie.etsy.com i specialize in vintage, industrial and rustic farm goods... goods that whisper What Once Was and share their stories of old...

*thank you* SO much for this opportunity!

prairie hugs,

New Balance 574

this is the most beautiful fashion blog i've ever come across! thank you for your inspiration. what a great idea to look for shirts in the children's department. yellow + polka dots = a very shiny day!


Hi Jeanne,
This is so wonderful of you - to share your wisdom, heart and experience with us! I am balancing, precariously at that, between my full time job and my full time love - scrapbooking. I have recently started my own etsy shop, www.tiffanyscrapbooks.com and my blog, scrapbookingmyboys.blogspot.com. I love scrapbooking and the beautiful art you can create, but more importantly the message it tells for you and the future. I am so grateful for the chance to learn from you, and others, who have made your own success. I think the thing I love most about this craft is the gift of teaching - sharing my passion for scrapbooking and inspiring others to create their own treasures is what I adore. I am so looking forward to a chance to learn more from you! Thank you!


Hi Jeanne,
I must start with saying Thank you. Starting my own business has been so challenging, with time, family, and work, I would absolutely love to hear your tips for creating a successful business. I love scrapbooking, and decided it was time to make the leap and created my own etsy shop,

I must say it's a lot harder than I imagined and I remain precariously perched between my full time job and my full time passion. At last, I do what I can and hope that someday soon I will break through! I also love to share my passion with others, and so have begun a blog as well, sharing my adventures of raising two boys and making the most of all those beautiful embellishments. I'd love your feedback - and welcome any comments and tips! I would love to know how long it takes to really get things going. Scrapbooking and all things related is my passion, but there is only so much time in the day - how does one make the leap from 'hobby' to 'living'? That is the question, then, isn't it....although I suppose it's about risk and making the leap. Perhaps it's about people, like yourself, paying it forward and giving others, like myself and these other women here, a chance at their dreams. And with that - thank you, Jeanne. I really admire all that you're doing!


I have been running my business, Evermore Organics, since 2004. I'd love to know what others are doing to become successful! This business pays for my college tuition so that my parents don't have to. I'm doing well but I've come to a point where I badly need a boost!

Elena Lai Etcheverry

you are such a sweet sweet spirit. I am so amazed at how generous as women we can be and when we actually try to help eachother a teeny teeny bit goes such a long way. the smallest gesture makes such a difference!

You know what I do. right? :) I would love a post from you but I know there are so many wonderful people that you will have to choose from.

I am trying to grown Charity Wings and my main focus is getting the word out about what we do. We are a free resource for creative minds and not enough people know we are here for them!


and I do have a blog :)


going to post on FB right now. hugs!!


one day, I am going to be blessed by happening to be at the same creative event as you!! but until then, I am satisfied to always learn more about you through your blog, thank you. Your heart shines.

I am a florist. My husband and I own a floral shop that encompasses an antique and home decor store and coffeehouse. I lay awake dreaming of creative ideas that I hope to have the time to produce and in my spare time, I eat and breathe design. I have a blog that when I have moments, I share favorite things I come across with my friends, and soon, I will have a website added to it to share the fun finds we have in the shop.
Now I am going to go check out the other amazing peoples that have posted. :-)


This is such a great idea and if I had blogged any in the last "forever" it just might work on my blog...I have a feeling there would be an echo right now!
Anyway, my name is Angela Meeks and I love to create anything using OLD paper. Right now I am frantically making wreaths that my hubby designed and paper mache dress forms. My business name is Miss Molly Cottage and etsy site is www.missmollycottage.etsy.com. I have just sold everything out of the shop which was wonderful(17 forms in one day) but now I feel a little overwhelmed to fill the shop and keep up with Christmas shows. I would love for everyone to visit my shop and go to sold items and tell me what you think. Thank you so much for doing this...can't wait to read everyone's comments.

cheap Jordans

Every day may be a new day, let's have deep clean breath primary, and be in very good mood and thank you a lot to your weblog I seriously loved studying this posting.

Pam White

Where do I start? I am a dental hygienist by day, secret crafter by night. I went into my chosen career because it was practical, I could support myself and not be dependant on someone else, and my parents told me even though I was a talented artist, that I could'nt make a living at it. What I never knew was that putting my artistic endeavors on the backburner would lock away a part of me i really needed to be whole. Two years before my son was born I took a space in a local shop to sell refurbished furniture and all things retro/vintage. I got a bit of my spark back and had a wonderful time until the economy forced closure.
Last year all I told everyone was that I did'nt want birthday or Christmas gifts, I wanted donations to attend Art and Soul. That week lit me on fire again. I made a New Years resolution in the middle of May! I was going to journal weekly and get started in the business again after December. I decided to look into Etsy and have been very encouraged by others in our local community. I just need some help because I am not the most computer savvy. I am learning and the giveaway sounds like the great push I need.
Technically I like to think of my creations as lifestyle art. From furniture, to jewelry, I like to refurbish things I find at Estate sales and thrift stores to make them wonderful or different than their original purpose. I don't have a blog yet other than Facebook and again no store yet but I want both desperately and plan on opening each in Jan. if I can help it. Jeanne you are an inspiration to me every day and even if I don't win I am grateful to be able to read your thoughts every day. (Did I mention sometimes I am long winded?)
Thanks so much,
Pam White


if you're getting this comment twice, i'm sorry...but i think my first one is lost in cyberspace somewhere.

OK...let me just say, i could get all teary reading this because it is SO SO timely for me! I JUST opened my etsy shop (like oct. 15th i listed my 1st item). this was HUGE for me...i've struggled for a long time feeling "good enough" to put myself out there...

I love creating of all kinds...sewing, painting, paper crafts, whatever! right now i have burlap banners, wood letters, aprons, and journals, and photo frames in my shop.

what an AWESOME opportunity you're giving us indie biz girls!! thank you so much for this :) one question i would have for you is how to BALANCE it all...i know you're a homeschool mom like i am and it's been a little tricky finding a balance. your input would be much appreciated :)

my sites are:


thanks again! you are the coolest!!



This is so sweet of you and so generous. I always gets so impresed by the generousity in the blogging world. How amazing is that.
I´m Tina and I create Shabby Chic and vintage inspired decorations and more besides my handmade little bears - collectibles for grownups.
Thank you so much for this opportunity
~ Tina

Rachel @ * French Farmhouse 425 *

~*~*I just wanted to let you know I did a post on my blog today about my beautiful bag I purchased from you! Thanks so very much Jeanne!! I LOVE it!! Hugs,Rachel~*~*~

Terrie Babauta

This by far exceeds the norm for most people (what a terrific thing to do). I am a fellow “Coloradoan” and have been in the thinking stages for a few years of opening a small store to sell gift wares and home décor. I can’t seem to find the capital for that so in the last few months (after being laid off from my job due to the unexpected injuries from 2 car accidents) I have decided to take my shop virtual. I am very nervous about it. Putting the money up front to make sure the site looks good is only half the battle. I don’t even know where to start with the marketing part of it.
My site will be a mix of reclaimed, vintage, antique, home crafted and purchased wares. It should be ready to go in a couple of weeks…porterplacecottage.com. My blog is porterplacecottage.blogspot.com (I haven’t been in this wonderful world of blogland that long, but love it)!
Sorry for being so long winded…I love, love, love your blog. Thanks for being a great inspiration to many of us (it’s so great that your inspiration is in many forms, art, photography, family and health).

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