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September 28, 2010


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i'm always so impressed with your recipes
i have no idea what quinoa or bragg liquid amino is...i feel so nutritionally behind
we had two guests over for dinner last night. i couldn't even get all my 4 items to be hot & ready simultaneously. that rolled into a stroll ( by my children who surely respect me...ha) down the memory lane of meals-gone-bad.
good thing i can laugh at myself....along with the masses!

Privet and Holly

Yummy, I
am so making
this! My kids
are very good
sports about
new recipes and
we love quinoa.
I've never used
liquid amino and
will have to pick
it up. Thanks
for tonight's
dinner inspiration!
xx Suzanne


that looks so fresh and yummy. karlie would try that and probably love it. eric might be a harder sell. to healthy for that meat and potatoes boy.

Anne Marie

i have some quinoa in my kitchen hutch i wanted to just use the other day...i told hubby what it was and he said "wha?" so this will be a great recipe to try! thanks!!!
p.s. great picts. of you on the hike btw...


that looks really good! i may have to give it a try!


Mmm I love butternut squash.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Well yum. I have no doubt your adventurous kiddos loved it. They sure gobbled up those artichokes. It's a pretty dish too...gotta love that:)

Flower Patch Farmgirl

This looks SO good! And the picture is perfection.

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Quinoa is my kids new favorite thing (along with israeli couscous...)...!!!! I've even mixed it with cooked ground turkey and veggies and they love it!!


yumm-o!! that looks like a super yummy fall dish! thanks for sharing :)

The Lady of the House

oooooh! looks delish! and I <3 trees too :) Luckily, Boise, where I live - is called the City of Trees. So that works out perfectly.

Toodles, The Lady of the House

Courtney Walsh

I have had quinoa in my cupboard for a long time and have never made it...not sure what to do with it! :) Now I know! I'll let ya know!

Shelley Overholt

I have been wanting to make butternut squash somehow and now can! I love quinoa! Where do you get the amino acid? I assume the health food store. Thanks for the recipe.:)

Katsui Jewelry

I am so glad you found something delicious and clean! I know how that is...I have all those weird allergies, too. Looks just yummy, too. There was so much good healthy food that was "clean" for me in Croatia. Then there was all the sugar. That is not a good thing for me.


This looks so delicious and yay it doesn't have meat in it! Where do you get liquid amino? Is it in the spice section?

Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

I need to start eating healthier...this looks really good!

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