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September 07, 2010


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Heather A.

I love it! I really really love it - and he is so darn cute!


Super Cute!!


love that you kept your promise! he looks "sick" (you know that means good now, right? using "sick" seems to go along with his badness!

The Beautiful Life

He looks AWESOME! His inner rocker is emerging, girl! :)

M. Griffin

I'll bet he just loves it...his new cut, that his mom kept her promise, that he looks so cool:) He looks great and so grown up! Tell him congrats on learning to ride his bike with no training wheels. What a big boy he is!!


He's a new man!!
You know that feeling when you get a new "do"

good mommy!!

Rachel from A Cupcake For Moose

Oh my goodness, he is the cutest little guy ever! I love that you let him get a (ahem..faux) 'hawk! He is definitely a "bad" little dude. Happy Birthday Ben!

P.S. (Loving the Paris posts...it's like a mini vacation in the comfort of home.)

Laura @ 52 FLEA

So precious! So dear! You are a wonderful mommy...and you have the cutest little guy ever! :)

Leah C

Oh my goodness...he's just the most adorable little boy! And he really makes a "faux-hawk" look cute:) Hope "Bad to the Bone" Ben has a fabulous & fun birthday!

Tricia Whisler

Oh my word Jeanne, I didn't think he could be more adorable.....I was wrong. He is rockin that new do!


Rock it Ben....you are the man.

Robin Thomas

What a beautiful little muffin he is!


"Bad to the Bone, Ben"......I love it, he is so cute and the new "do"....makes him look older, which I am sure he loves.....you are a great Mommy...

Anne Marie

oh. my. gosh!! that is hilarious! and you did it!! and btw: your son's fauxhawk looks waaaay cooler than my sister's did.

i cannot believe the difference in his face - he looks so grown up!

you are the coolest mommy......


I think a mohawk is perfect for such a tough biker boy!


you sure did put a smile on my face! he is cool and too cute, curls or mohawk! i was that cool mom too - each of my kids have been through various shades of hair and styles - raising them to express themselves and be creative - i have one that now has 5 tattoos - for reals! we cried at first, now we've resigned ourselves to the fact that it's just all my fault - lol! hugs xo, h


OH MY GOODNESS...cute is not the word... he is soooooo ADORABLELY CUTE... WAIT...Im not sure that summed it all up... haha... scrapworthy pictures... way to go!!!!

Amy Jo Axe

Oh my goodness! I didn't think that he could get any cuter, but he did! Tell Bad to the Bone Ben that I love his new look!


HMMM...wait they are 18 years old and come home with a real mohawk and loaded with real tattoes....than you are not going to think so cute anymore....just sayin'
signed: mom of 3 growned kids and a grandma of 2 that has experienced it all. I used to think it was all cute and innocent and than reality hit !!!!! try and discourage this kind of stuff ;)


Ok...that is hilarious! Maybe he'll get the mohawk, tatoo thing out of his system by them time he can actually get them ;) But then again, my hubby has lots of tats and he's still super adorable!! So, maybe it's not that bigga deal. Have fun with your bad boy!


He looks adorable...love the faux hawk. My 7 year old is growing his hair long...just like his big brother...we're like a band of gypsies over here.


Oh is so adorable... My 9 year old is growing his hair out and daddy fights with him all the time to cut it... And just as you said.. it is just hair....and this phase will pass. Maybe it is the hairdresser in me but there can be worse things our sweet little babies want to do... so go with the hair thing all the way up to adulthood.


hysterical, don't they look so much older when they get their hair cut? I love the hair cut, he looks so handsome!! enjoy these silly days, soon he won't want you around!

Flower Patch Farmgirl

What a handsome dude! Silas needs his cut something fierce, but it didn't go so well the first time, so we're stalling...


so stinkin cute!!!!
What a good mommy keeping your promise. Most moms wouldn't.
I think he looks fabulous.
Enjoy your baby while he's still three, my youngest turns 8 in 2 weeks. Boo Hoo.
Have a wonderful day
Cari b.

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