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September 05, 2010


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Leah C

What an incredible opportunity...lucky you:)

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

Oh my! What an amazing opportunity! So happy for you!


Jeanne, you gave that gentleman a great honor in allowing him to share something he probably put his heart and soul into and will miss terribly. Such beautiful and sensitive photos you took! On another note, I'm glad to see the French are striking today to keep the benefits they have had for so long to retire at a decent age and keep other benefits that allow them to slow down and spend time with their loved ones! The world needs more time to live simply, not less! C'est si bon! And thanks for the honor of sharing with us readers. XOXO


What an experience. How cool indeed!


What an amazing experience. Once in a lifetime. I love the outside of the building. Gorgeous. I am the same way as you. I slow down in these times and try to take everything in.


I think you got the best of the bargain!
(but then, I'm a pushover for old sewing machines!)

Beth Perry

awww what an experience! amazing and so cool!


sounds amazing...love your story telling with this:) !


it deleted part of my comment....

your pictures are just amazing with your stories and details you shared


I am now SUPER INSPIRED!!! thank you for the weekly dose of great photographs, and vintage sharings...i wish i was there... totally!!!

OfficeTYPE (Angie)

Oh my goodness, I envy you - what a great little spot to visit! Such wonderful treats you all got!

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