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September 05, 2010


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Katsui Jewelry

Amazing, Jeanne. You got your little pile of treasures and you had an "experience." I'll bet it will stay with you for a long time.


what an amazing experience!
even though we've never met i can somehow image you drifting away and just being completely absorbed by your thoughts and the textures


Oh, how cool is that???? Wonderful!


Wanda @ Just Vintage

Oh, wow. What a treasure! I'm afraid I'd be like the owner and want to keep it all just as it is, too. I probably wouldn't have let go of the trims and things. LOL

Amy Muffoletto

The treasure is the experience...God knows what you describe is so my heaven!!!! Hugs. Sound like an amazing trip...Love you, Amy


that is a once in a lifetime experience! so amazing! and you are so stinkin cute!

Courtney Walsh

I love this. Just love. How awesome! I love the picture of the hand-sewing. :)

And the outside of the building. So beautiful.

PS. I bought some dark wood candlesticks today after we talked. I'm on the right track, no?



love your shot w/ the owner, jeanne! so glad you captured him, too! so fun and amazing to step inside those old doors.

heather Ozee

I was blown away with the photos taken at the old factory. What a fun trip you ladies had!


I LOVE LOVE that picture of me! Thanks so much.
Your photos are special and gorgeous. Now I get why you lug that big 'ole thing around.
all love, Cathy


So jealous of all your fun adventures! Thanks for sharing. :)


Wow! What an experience....I am a seamtress and I loved this post, especially the picture of the old singer sewing machine. I have one of those. It was my first machine and I made lots of clothing with it. At 14 I could take it apart and fix it....it became my best friend, just like the violin is to my 11 year old.

I can just see you there in your quiet self....I am so glad you weren't talking much or joining in with the rest of the group, because you wouldn't have captured such beautiful pictures to share with all of us.

Have a great day.


my heart is pounding!!!


Amazing! I think I would have reacted as you did, quiet, taking it all in, just breathing in the history and past. . .and how neat to have the owner give you a tour to boot! Wow. . .


What a gorgeous opportunity and you made the most of it! Wonderful photos and story. Thank you for sharing your joys.


Great images from the heart, Jeanne---I love that you see the beauty in the things some might miss. This is one of your best qualities here in blogland...noticing the small stuff that makes a difference in the world.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Oh what a sweet unexpected surprise. Don't you love it when that happens. One of the best memories of your trip was unplanned. I understand your quietness at that moment. It was special, it meant alot and you were soaking it all in...making room in your heart for a memory to never be forgotten.


How wonderful................Thanks for sharing this amazing surprise!


Thanks for sharing your amazing trip to France, you should really consider publishing a book with all the amazing photos you took!


Hi Jeanne,
Oooooh! what a beautiful soulful vission for seeing through your lens in what you see. Taking the best photo's, your site is like looking at a french magazine. I am sure the countryside and the culture you took in was just enough to inspire your vision in as much as the way you create and the inspiration it will add to your creations.

Always admired you as a blogger with passion, I want to thank you for your visit to my place, commenting on my little blog feature in R/H magazine, it was a real shock and a honor to be featured.
Keep inspiring us girl!!

flax and spindle

your photos are amazing and your music!!! lovely....

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Hi Jeanne,
Your account of this amazing experience is wonderful and your photographs are spectacular! I am so happy that you have shared it all here so that we can feel just a little of your excitement. What a thrilling time for you!


i am really drawn to old buildings always wondering what lies behind the doors. this must have been an awesome experience. looking thru those old ribbons must have been amazing! lovely going with you!! hope all is well with you and your family!! susan

Privet and Holly

Hi Jeanne,
I am just like
you....When the
doors open to
something special,
I am a bit overwhelmed
and have to stand
back and take it all
in before I make
my move. I think
you came away with
the best treasure ~
these amazing photos
and the tour of the
factory. Memories!!
xx Suzanne


Wow...what an amazing experience. I can only imagine how fun it must have been to look at all the vintage sewing machines and goodies around that factory. I am sure you will treasure your box of goodies. :)

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