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August 08, 2010


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I am enjoying your posts about your amazing trip so much! The photos along with your descriptions of everything makes me feel like I was along for the ride. Even the treasures you brought home would have been choices I would have picked! To go on a trip to a beautiful place and then be able to shop and create beautiful things... perfect. Thanks for sharing all of this with us, I look forward to more! Theresa

Sarah/Brown Dog Studio

So I'm drooling over all of the gorgeous photos and the experience in general! Hope you found lots to eat in France...my kids keep asking what goodies they'll find next spring when our family embarks on our trip:)

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

That looks like a dream. And the server looks right out of a movie. She's gorgeous! Wowza:) I want her dress and that hat...not that I could pull it off. But oh one can dream!!!


i probably would've run to that seat too! You all look so cute. what amazing experiences you got to have!


What a gorgeous magazine-esque setting you've got there..wow.
I love.need.want that HAT on Cory---dreamy, dreamy.

My husband sat in the vintage crib on my porch and almost busted through the bottom...that's what I get for letting a giant in my cute little "dolly land". Needless to say, it did help my quest for vintage gear in our house! ha!


Hey! Everything is beautiful as ever. LOVE your shirt Jeanne! You are looking awesome!


WOW WOW WOW what a fantastic setting!! What a memory that will be with you forever. Your pictures are Beautiful!!!! And the hat on Cory is to die for!!!!!!!


Gorgeous - I want to go a tea party like that!!

anne marie

perfect table setting!! great ideas going through my mind right now!!! thanks Jeanne :)

and you look so pretty btw.


the most beautiful tea i have every seen, jeanne. and to think that you got to be in the midst of it all. i am so happy that you got to enjoy france and your chateau so thoughtfully and beautifully care for you all!

lorraine lewis

i am loving all the images you are sharing. each detail look so wonderful. I would have beat you to that cozy little seat!!!!

Suz Reaney

When I look at your pictures and I am bubbling over with awe, peace, joy and smiles.
Thanks for the gift of sharing!


Such gorgeous photos of gorgeous settings! Last July with Kaari, we ate almost all our meals on the veranda (or in the adjacent dining room when necessary) -- it's so wonderful to see how Lizzie has decided to use more of that wonderful property to her advantage. Thanks for sharing!


Really enjoying all your great pics from France. What an awesome way to experience that place! I was in France a couple years ago, but didn't get to see it like that....
thanks for sharing! Makes me want to go again!

Robin Thomas

You look so beautiful. The trip satisified you, it shows.


I agree with you - it does "look" like the best seat! What an amazing experience you have had - you may not be able to "bring home" all the ideas, but what you experienced will change you for always - it's about just taking the time... I bet enjoying that beautiful tea is one special memory you will definitely incorporate into your life!


your photos are so spectacular...even though we were at the same place, i feel like you captured things i've never been able to. so good to see it all thru your eyes.


that is the best tea I have ever seen!!! Love how Cory looked the part too...how wonderful you got some great photos before anyone else arrived...oh my

Gay Lundy

Good blog !

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