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July 06, 2010


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Sounds like it was busy but so much fun.

Sarah/Brown Dog Studio

WISH I could make it to Colorado for the Market, but it won't be happening this year! I'll just watch all the fun through the lens of your camera!


becky said she had such a great time and that you were an amazing hostess. Your yard looks lovely. Those pics with courtney are great! You have such a cute outfit on but what's new. :)


I'm from Ft. Collins and I love that place with all my heart!! I would move back in a heartbeat if I could. I'm so glad to see others feel the same! Is The Barn in Castle Rock??? I must go there.

Suz Reaney

Your friends look so nice. I love Colorado. Two sil's there and many wonderful holidays!



You did pack in a big weekend! Don't you love to look back on those wonderful fun filled days.............


Sounds like a great weekend!!! love your yard, so big and pretty!! hope your show is a huge success! xo

lorraine lewis

Jeanne your yard is GORGEOUS! So big and open... I love it.

Lana Dunkerley

Ok, so how far it "The Barn" from Houston Texas? Can I make it there in a few hours? I totally wanted to see more of it for sure!
I love reading your blog...it's young, sweet and funny. I am officially your blog staulker...I stop in everyday!
Thanks for sharing...

Heather Jensen

Totally sounds like you had the best time. I just had to leave my best friend when we moved. We are both going through withdrawl symptoms. That is awesome your friend is moving close to you.
Looks like there were some great finds there at the barn. I am jealous. :)

Courtney Walsh

ok. where is my comment? I posted one earlier! Did I forget to do the word verification?

Just said that I love your outfit too and I'm wondering what THe Barn is? And when can I come?

PS. I think we might've found a rental! We're moving to COLORADO! lol SOOO good seeing you guys!!


I actually cant believe it is really happening. Will be have to have create days:-)
To: [email protected]

Leah C

It sounds like a very festive fun-filled weekend:) And isn't it great to connect & re-connect with friends?!

Shanon Gallegos

I'm new to your blog and love it! I love Amy's room in the barn! Thanks for sharing with us.


how exciting. i recognize her from the scrapbook magazines. very talented. she is from illinois too. wow. your yard looks gorgeous.


what a fun, fun, weekend! and i love your hair in that first picture...so cute! and your backyard looks so cute...i want to come for a visit.
and i can't believe you had becky at your house...so much fun!

Flower Patch Farmgirl

So. Much. FUN!

And hey - we have the same friends, even if they are only "imaginary" friends to me. How did that happen? ;)


I am also new to you blog and am so inspired by your faith and creativity:). I can't wait to see pictures of the Market this weekend. How fun!


Privet and Holly

What a fun post!
You DID pack a lot in : )
And, you got to see my
friend Becky!!!
She and I are hoping to
have lunch this summer....
If we can squeeze it in!
Lovely lovely pictures.
xx Suzanne

Lemonade Makin' Mama

I am so jealous that you got Becky's entire family- that would be a blast!! (And she should totally get that chandy- looks just like something she'd have!!)


how fun to recognize everyone on your post! :)
that had to be an awesome weekend?!

when is your big trip?!

tiffany ~ the Fancy Farmgirl

what a perfect weekend!!
I know you must be crazy getting ready for france, I am so excited for you!!!
I am finally slowing down to enjoy summer a little, just got back from camping with the kids, it was awesome!
xoxo, T

Fifi Flowers

LOVE that chandelier!!! Off to France soon... lucky you... ENJOY!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Oh girlie what a fun day! Thank you again for showing me your Castle Rock and blessing me with your incredible hospitality. We just had a wonderful time!!! And just think next year we can do it all over again:) I'm thinking maybe a trip to that White Chocolate Grill is in order;)


PACKED! but sounded special!

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