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July 02, 2010


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Becky Crenshaw

I am super excited about finding your blog! I saw your comment on Lissa's blog. Sister, just love your style and heart. Will be checking in...


What a super idea!! It turned out looking great!!


MAJOR underestimator here...ugh :)

Your cabinet is adorable!

Lindsay Lee

It looks great! Very creative!

Jen Rizzo

It looks fantastic Jeanne! I love that cabinet! It turned out so nice. I bet it feels good to get stuff done :)



Owning a fixer upper was a constant reminder that I always underestimate how long projects will take.

I can't wait to see next weeks project.

Robin Thomas

Wow, looks so great! Of course...


It's gorgeous! I've been wanting to do that too and it never occurred to me to use my xryon machine. You are a smarty pants girl!


What a great idea, it looks fantastic!


So cute -- love it!


Leah C

I love it...the cabinet looks lovely! And the ironstone {drool}; wow, what a collection:)


You are a girl after my own heart! I swear I would wallpaper almost anything in vintage sheet music;)

Treva Ann

Please! Is there anyone who hasn't underestimated a "quick" little change at one time of another? And have you ever gotten yourself into something that mushroomed to the point of wishing you had never started? I can't even count the times. :) Your cabinet turned out great. Well worth the time and effort... so smart to make it "changeable." Being a capricious sort myself, it's the only way to go.


love the cabinet ~ looks great!


Just finished my kids' bathroom. Thought it would take 2 weeks, it took me 2 months!!


Looks amazing! Happy weekend!


Privet and Holly

J: This is great! I always love the contrast of the off-white sheet music with black and it is even more wonderful with your white pieces.
Isn't it great to finish a project??? Hope your Friday is great and your weekend, too!
xx Suzanne


I am loving Facelift Fridays! The sheet music looks great! And what a beautiful collection! I used to underestimate, but I have come to learn with children underfoot, everything takes ten times longer than it should:)


Love how it turned out! Loved your last post too, Jeanne. So glad you're feeling strong. Thanx for sharing your journey. Happy 4th! :)

Flower Patch Farmgirl



I love how it turned out...it looks great! Can't wait to see next week already
Happy 4th


you are having fun! love it! amy

Deana Wolfe

It is very cute! I still need to finish one for a friend, maybe we could all work on that one?
Happy 4th of July to you and your family

Sweet Pea

wow! i love that cabinet and thought it was great before, but after... fabulous! it looks stunning.




that looks really nice jeanne.
i love it

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