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July 09, 2010


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Looks great.


What a difference that made!! Looks fantastic! Good luck on your sale...and how exciting that your trip is so close......Bonjour! Bon Voyage, and have a great time! :D



What a great make-over. Looks completely updated. You did agreat job!


Isn't it amazing what a small change can make! It's looks great - it really lightened up that area. I don't know why builders insist on using the same stain over and over - don't they know we all want white! :)
Good luck at the show ~

Shanon Gallegos

Thanks for sharing your DIY projects, it gives us inspiration! I will see you tomorrow at the Towne and Country market. You take cash, right? :)


The white may have been more work, but I think it looks spectacular. Great job!!

Good luck at the market... wish I was closer to come see all the treasures!

Amy Muffoletto

Love the make over my dear.... Have a great day at your flea market. Wish I could go....Your gonna sell out. Yay!!!!


I can't believe you took on that project! I would be nervous! But it looks more "you" for sure.

Jen Rizzo

It looks great Jeanne! Nothing like relaxing before a big trip! ;)


Hey! Looks great, I would like to paint all the dark woodwork in my house white. I think it would brighten up the place a lot.
Why are you going to France? Just for fun or?????????


It looks great and you saved so much money doing it yourself!! Good luck this weekend with your sales, wished I lived close so I could come out and spend some money ;)


The railing looks great! I don't think I'll make it up to the T&C market this Saturday, but I did write about it on examiner.com and showed a photo of some of your beautiful stuff! (With a link back here, of course.) I hope it's a great success! Jealous about France -- have a wonderful time!

Flower Patch Farmgirl

What a facelift! Makes a huge difference and I can only imagine how "fun" it was to paint all of those wee spindles.

Now, about those toilets...

Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

WOW! I love it! I've wanted to do that to these hideous rails we have (instead of walls to separate a couple of our rooms) - they are all that golden wood color - YUCK! I may have to copy and paste your directions into Word so I can help get my house sold faster!!! Looks beautiful! See you tomorrow!

Leah C

It looks really great...what a difference a "little" change can make:) Have a great weekend!


What a huge and beautiful difference...you should send this to a magazine.


Beautiful, Jeanne!!! Totally changes the color/tone of your walls, too ... LOVE it! xoxo


It looks BEA-u-ti-FUL!!

Diane @ InMyOwnStyle

Hi Jeanne -

It was worth all the time and effort you put into tweaking your staircase - it looks so much better - pretty and fresh. You must be going up and down the stairs now with an extra "happy" kick in your step.

Suz Reaney

That stain is just beautiful! I am glad to hear about it. We, too, need to redo our floors. We changed our mind the last minutes (years ago) and did them much lighter. I would love to have them darker now.
I am loving on that angel in the back...she is radiant. I am kind of an angel addict but that is a long story!


Love the way your project turned out. I'm so happy for you that you are doing those projects that you've put off. My big regret about my old house is that I waited to do them until we were listing the house. Wish I was close enough to come to your sale!


You are on a roll girlfriend! Your projects are going wonderfully!

I hope you have an absolutely lovely time in Paris.


Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Looks fabulous! What a difference a little elbow grease...and polyurethane stain can make;)


This looks amazing! I like the darker color much better. You are cracking me up about the toilets. :)

lorraine lewis

are you for hire????-because my banister needs a redo and I can't seem to find the energy. You did good and I LOVE the art work you have hanging above it.

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