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May 17, 2010


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oh how'd i'd love to learn how to sew. maybe someday....


Went to Fort Collins years ago for a roommate's wedding...I really like that town. I bet you miss it in some ways.

Yes, best store name EVER. Can you imagine the happy dance that was busted out by whoever thought of that?! Love it.

Can't wait to see what you make!


What a beautiful and fun store! Next time I'm in Colorado I will head up there and check it out.


Nicole, she just opened in April so yes, reason to come back. Across the street (Mountain) a bit from Coopersmith's. Go shop til you are thirsty, then go over there to eat and drink :D, then BACK to Mama Said ;D

I stumbled in one evening just before closing (we were over at Coopersmith's) and fell in love. I have to contact Angela about teaching my youngest to sew as I refuse to (I'd have to clobber her and she cannot touch my Bernina), but I just got her a machine. Ladies' craft group that I belong to has taken a pledge to all spend at least $10 a month there. Most of them can afford to spend more than that there, but I am unemployed so can't. Wonder if I can work for fabric there?

Amy Jo Axe

What an awesome store and an awesome day with you and Ben! Lauren is almost finished with her purse. She is waiting for my Mom to help her with a button hole! We'll send photos when it is finished!


I live here in Ft Collins and love love love the store. There is a fabulous toy store we frequent around the corner often. Ft Collins is a wonderful town to visit and raise the kiddos too. Glad you enjoyed your stay. We now have a market once a month called the French nest outside downtown. You should look into doing it with all your cool stuff.


Beki - TheRustedChain

I don't have time or energy to learn to sew... but I can make a mean piece of jewelry! And take some rockin' pictures. ;-)

Love the photos here. So bright and happy!


your blog is darling & i love that store <3

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