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May 19, 2010


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terrie babauta

Thank you for your post on your health issues. I know from experience that it is sometimes hard to talk about. I was on another blog and happened across yours. I was loving your blog so much and when I really started reading, realized you are in Colorado. So am I!
Anyway, I have been suffering from many health issues and because of your site, looked at the new health blog and am going to give the Dr. a try! I hope she can help me too!
Anyway, not to get too long winded, I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris and much health and happiness.


Wow! I'm sitting here in both tears and in utter shock. I have been seriously ill for 10 years with no answers... I am so happy that you are on the road to good health and recovery! Like yourself, I too have had the exact same symptoms as you have. I also have NO vitamin D in my body and it's very hard putting it back. I won't ramble on about myself but I was drawn to your blog via Artful Blogging. I just loved your story and collage - that alone caught my attention about "letting go." Thank you. You've helped in so many ways but I never expected to find this here on your blog. Absolutely a blessing... I wish you much success, love, and happiness. I will be following your blog regularly! Again, thank you. ♥

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