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April 05, 2010


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ask doctor online

cute little boy.I also want to take a picture of my son.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

NO! I'm done, but I would love to just snuggle in with him for a few hours:) What a sweetie pie. Love his sweet little curls:)


No NO NO more, just like to look. Anyway ovaries are long gone.

La Dolce Vita Gal

So precious.

Suz Reaney

You know, they are gone now, but maybe if I wish really hard, I can wish a baby into being! That's what my friend and I told everyone at Girl Scout Camp anyway!

You are too funny, Jeanne :-)

Hope you are signing up for Silver Bella tonight. I wanted to answer your comment on my blog about "finding my tribe" but I didn't know how to do it!!! I am a little slow catching on to all this.

I felt completely overwhelmed...and as if I were among giants. But I also felt as if I were with people who loved to do the things that I do...and that was really special!

Maija Lepore

Not to worry....photos of your darling nephew are enough for me!!!


okay i'm a bit yearning for that sweet age again.... but thankfully it's Spring Break and i have my hands full the the gang i already have.... :)


Too cute! You must be so proud ;)


OH, BABY! You're right, my ovaries ARE aching! What a little lovie!
And, you, darlin! You are MAHVELOUS!!! I just wanted to pop over and say hey! Take care sweet thang!
xo, Tammy

Molly @ Star Cottage

Major cuteness. Love the hair ;)

Jillian Allison

i have gorgeous little nieces and a nephew as well...i totally understand the bias :) love your beautiful blog!


funny title! ha! what a cutie! pretty pics jeanne!


Oh wow! That hair! What a little angel!

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life

You're not biased at all, he's too precious!

Jen R Sanctuary art

So cute and sweet! He's gorgeous!!!!


OMG, so beautiful kid!

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