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April 05, 2010


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you are good...really good! that second is a melter!=) his hair is cracking me up!=) precious.


So precious!! And you captured him so sweetly!


What a beautiful baby! Your pictures are gorgeous.


No doubt he's a doll! Thanks for sharing these sweet pics....


Good thing my hubby is out of town....geez he is adorable...but you already knew that:) He is gorgeous and what a wonderful Easter to spend with a joy like that!!!


Oh my!


He is such a handsome little guy, there's no question. However, I'm past that stage of looking at babies and saying, "Honey, can you come home?" I used to work in L&D....maybe that's why I ended up having 5 children. I'm over that now. I can look at them, love them and hand them back to their mommies without wishing for another.

Courtney Walsh

hahaha. I am sitting right here with my husband but now I'm thinking I should put some distance between us!! I need to be done! lol :) He's such a sweetie!!


I'll try...it would be kind of a bummer before France. What a sweet little guy!!

anne marie

i like how you said "you" need one more....



absolutely cute, I must agree!

Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

No thank you...I'll just drool over everyone else's babies : ) He really is a cutie pie!

Modern Prairie Girl

What a pumpkin!! want to photograph him right now.
I hope your visit was lovely, lovely.

Annette Q

Awwww, cute cute cute
I've been aching for another one for ages, but have to wait because of work commitments. these photos arent helping the situation!! ;-)

The Beautiful Life

He is an angel!!! And yep, even at "my age" I'd take another! Convincing the hubs... that ANOTHER thing!! :)

SO glad to visit your blog again! Typepad opened for me today! Yippee!!


beth gales

He is adorable! Great pictures!


Oh, that little tongue!

Theresa Hein

He is adorable! My hubby and I cannot leave a 'baby sighting' without nudging eachother and making sappy faces! After 5 children and being 49 and 50 though we are content to wait for grandchildren! I fill my baby need by visiting my neighbor when she has her granddaughters over! I'm having a little giveaway and would love it if you stopped over! Theresa


nothing like a sweet little baby!


Aw, so cute - love your sense of humour!


He melted my heart on your photo blog... thank heavens you posted more here! :)

I'm waiting IMpatiently for my little Lulu to come... she'll fix my ovary problem, thank heavens!

Happy day,

Mikal :)

Leah C

Oh be still my heart! What a precious little guy:)


So cute! My "little" Ethan was born with hair like that. I finally had to cut it when it got so long I had to swirl it around like Donald Trump!


Very very sweet...!!! That little tongue sticking out kills me!!


he really is soo soooo pretty~

{it's ok to call boys pretty when they are this little, right?}

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