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April 08, 2010


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Victoria @ Whimsy by Victoria

He is so cute!! I love those curls...one of my boys had some curls like that, precious! I agree...I am holding on to, my last of 5 is 5 and will be starting kindergarten this coming fall...*sigh*, yes hanging on to every minute! Thanks for sharing your sweet boy!



My little Collin had beautiful blondish curls for about 18 months and I couldn't cut them either. Ben is such a beautiful little guy!!

Amy Muffoletto

We had our little talk about curls. Hold onto them as long as you can. He is just adorable. Love you. Amy


He's such a cutie! Hang on to those curls as long as you can! I wish one of my boys would have gotten my curls. Oh well. I totally understand about the last one always being the baby and getting away with more, etc. That is my youngest to a t. I still and probably always refer to him as the baby. Even though he's catching up with his big brother. I still regret cutting his hair and he didn't even have any curls!




The curls are adorable! I know exactly what you mean about the baby. I'd actually like to stop time with both my boys!


I love his curls! I don't blame you at all for not cutting them:)

Theresa Hein

At our house Max gets away with more by everybody! Even his older brothers and sisters let him get away with things they could never do... the girls baby him and the boys have always let him hang out with them and their friends. As each of my other children grow up and move away I am so lucky he is only 7 and I still have a long way to go before I have an empty nest. Benjamin is adorable and so are his curls... stay strong! Theresa


His curls are simply adorable Jeanne! I think it is a shame when they are all cut off ~ I think you can wait a bit though.... Hold onto the baby part as long as you can!
Have a wonderful week-end!

Queen Bee

So adorable..love his curls. One of my boys had curly hair when he was little. When we finally took him to get a haircut...I kept some of his curly hair. I still have it...he's going to be 23. And now that he's older he has longer hair...and it's curly.

Here's to curls!


You are so cute:) and so are Ben's curls. I smile at the first picture too; what a fun boy!!

Flower Patch Farmgirl

He is Precious!!!

I tell my littles to stop growing all of the time and they always say they will...and then never do.

ps- Ruby is 3.5 and has graduated from the toddler section and into the little girls size XS. Eeek!

Courtney Walsh

I could've written this post, Jeanne. How funny. we fought the haircut...or I did, rather, for a long time and now that his curls are gone, his hair is still a little wavy, but he doesn't look nearly as little. :(

I love these pictures! So cute!:)


Totally understand - keep those curls as long as you can! Spoil that baby -- and yourself ;)

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Oh I so get this. My little chick has...had those curls too and they do go away! It's just awful. What I wouldn't give for her to keep them. Oh well. When he does get his first big boy cut you will have to swoop some of them up and save 'em:)


Ugh... I miss those baby curls! Why do they have to disappear with that first cut?!

The last one is always our baby... mine just turned 8! :)

Happy weekend to you,



Mama makes the rules, right? Keep those curls. My boys both HAD them. Tuck your memories in tight, hug them to your heart. Little boys grow up...but they'll always be our babes. (Mine are 15 and 9...and I'm STILL loving the ride) You will too. :)


thinking that this very well could be our last baby. reminds me to savor this time (in all the tiredness); it won't stick long at all. LOVE those curls, ben!!!=)


Oh yes, your last is always that little one forever. My youngest who is now 10 decided not to dye easter eggs this year. I was heart broken. Another change. As much as we want wings for our children we sure do wish we could have a moment again when your sweet child grabs your hand innocently or that they tell their father that when they grow up they will marry mommy! Such pure sweetness.
So, enjoy as you know it goes way too fast & keep those darling curls as long as you can.


don't give in! don't cut those curls! we finally gave in after last years hot summer and he was constantly pushing his hair out of his face, poor little guy....i miss those curls....still and will always be my baby.

Molly @ Star Cottage

Handsome Child! Love the curls. I think it looks like Surfer boy hair, not girly @ all ;)

Leah C

What a cutie he is!! I'm with you...hold onto those "baby curls" for as long as he'll let you:)


Cling to the curls!!!! Adorable.


Love the curls...I bet he keeps things intersting around your house!! He looks like a fun little boy.


ahh so know what you mean, they just keep getting bigger! but I love the way my punk is growing and talking and comprehending, they are just amazing!! Maybe this means it is time for one more??? :)

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