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April 03, 2010


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the second to last shot crop and b&w it for the solder piece you created.=) btw, that sentiment in there is precious and beautiful! that french restaurant?? YUH-HUM. the weekend sounded so thoughtful and fun!


I just love the shots of you gals on the couch in the yard! those are total keepers! and the one of you with 4 boxes of caramels made me laugh out loud! I'm so glad you had so much fun. happy easter~


wow - what fun! i love all of the creativity! and your faces cracked me up -- maybe that's why i like you so much -- i'm a total dork too ;) and now i want to try those caramels! seriously.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Oh you girls look like you had soooo much fun. Did it rain? Just curious, since we didn't get to see that side of Seattle.

Your box was beautiful...of course;)

Can't believe you tracked down those caramels. Now I'm craving their salty sweet goodness. YUM!

Hope you have a great Easter with your sweet ones.


Looks like so much fun! I would love to know where you got your adorable white ruffle bag! Love your blog.


Looks like soooo much fun! I checked out their store...OMG! It is amazing, wish I could go!!!

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

Super cute!!! Isn't Sumner neat!? Some dear friends used to have a Bungalow just around the corner from the shops. My mom used to stay with them when the pass was iffy. (She works in the Seattle area and lives in the mountains).

What fun!!!

Have a blessed Easter, Jeanne!

: )

Julie M.

ps Hmmm....I wonder where Liz can get one of those sweet pretty bags? : )

Beth Perry

OMG!!! That looks like soooo much fun!

Kim Caldwell

So sweet Jeanne! The pictures of you just crack me up. I would have been laughing all weekend and probably making the same faces too after a while!

Hugs, Kim


Wow! You girls had a great time. Love the faces!


looks fun...all the girls on the couch was cracking me up.
love all the pretty faces you make. :)

btw...i couldn't tell...did you get your nose pierced?!

Leah C

You are so NOT a dork:) You look like a gal having a blast with friends! Happy Easter to you & yours!

Amy Muffoletto

You are on busy lady.... We need to have a chat this week. Time is ticking. Hehehehe. I could not be more excited to be able to give you a great big hug. Weather is getting warm here so dress light!!!! Looks like your creative weekend was just amazing! The project is fabulous! Hugs,Amy

Hope you and your family have a fabulous day. Happy Easter!


Your box creation is beautiful. I am loving your travel-log and living vicariously through you. You seem to be on a charmed travel schedule, with France to look forward to as well. Keep writing and photographing your adventures. Blessings, Kris

Elaine Power

Jeanne what a fab time it looked, so glad you had fun, I loved what you had made its so beautiful! Elaine x


Happy Easter! The photos show how much you laughed and enjoyed your time...looked fabulous!


when i read through your posts about these fabulous weekends you have with your girlfriends, i just smile and laugh. it looks like you all have such a great time. the laughter - i think i could hear it in illinois. thanks for sharing jeanne. i want to go away with you.


These pictures you can just feel the fun you girls must of had. Life is to short not to experience and do these girl weekends. Thank You for sharing your pics. I love the look on your face in the pics, don't ever stop!


ahh it looks like such a wonderful time and to be able to create in a studio like that...perfection! love all the photos of the details and the group shots are hilarious, glad you got to have so much fun!

Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

I always crack up at your "silly" pictures! Looks like you had a blast! Isn't soldering fun! I haven't broken past the regular pendants, but would like to - I LOVE what you made! It was beautiful!

Suz Reaney

That looks wonderful!

I was with Maija the day before she left. That Maija is such a generous, kind soul...and she sure gets around!

Hope you are going to SB again!!!



Jeanne, this weekend looks like it was beyond amazing! Everone's faces are so happy! Your soldered egg is lovely! Hope you had a happy Easter!

the domestic fringe

Looks like So, SO much fun! Glad you had a blast.


Courtney Walsh

looks like soo much fun, Jeanne!! And I love everyone's hats!! :) So cute! :)

anne marie

you are the cutest! your chic style...your hat!...and I love that crochet skirt your friend had on -

you look so much fun - what a blessing to have all that joy!!

happy easter time!!!!

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