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April 27, 2010


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Courtney Walsh

I've only found one copy of it, but i loved it and added several new blogs to my favorites list! I'm going to the bookstore tomorrow...I will definitely be picking one up! :)

Congrats on the article! (I'm trying to squeeze a BGC into my schedule this year... I so want to go!) :)

Modern Prairie Girl

WAY TO GO, girlie!!! That is so terrific.
How on earth do you keep a secret like that?
I would be a horrible FBI agent.

You so deserve to have your words out there for those seeking inspiration to read. Your series on living your dreams is a favorite of mine...I look at it time and again for a boost.

I think you are a special human :)


Congrats on the article! How did you keep that to yourself? I would of been bursting at the seams! I do hope you did a happy dance!

I will have to look for a copy and maybe try your method of locking myself in my room... hmm wonder if that would work in my house?


I love this magazine! Congratulations on being in it. I will be stopping by Barnes and Noble today.
Enjoy yours


How exciting!!!! Congrats to you....congrats to you!!! What an amazing week for you:)

Flower Patch Farmgirl

I have another celebrity friend?? I am so excited to see your spread! You're so deserving, Little Missy. And great job keeping that super-exciting secret!

Carla Ludwig

Oh, congratulations Jeanne!! I am so happy for you and now I will have to go out and find a copy. I have never read that magazine before, thanks for the heads up! Looking forward to Saturday!


How exciting for you Jeanne! I must run out and see if I can find a copy here in Canada!


I'm applauding you!!!! Yippee can't wait to pick up an issue. And my alarm is set for May 1!!!! Can't wait for your new collection,


I LOVE this magazine, congrats to you! I can't imagine a more wonderful "blogger" to be featured.

Drats, that means a trip to B&N. :)

Happy day to you!


The Flying Bee

Congrats! I have never read the magazine. I need to get a copy!

Amy Jo Axe

Amazing! Congrats! I am going to go check it out! Way to go! Love you!


Congrats! I am so excited for you! I definitely will buy a copy and check it out!



Congratulations! You should be in there. Your blog is wonderful! Kris


Girl you never cease to amaze me, congrats!!! that is soo awesome and I am on the edge of my seat waiting for your new collection, are you going to do a sneak peek? Or can I get a private show...hmmm that sounded weird! :)

the domestic fringe

Congrats! I've never seen this magazine, but now I need to go get a copy. :-)


Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

I'll have to go get my copy ASAP!!! Congrats girl:)

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Oh, Jeanne, I can't wait to read it, I know I will be inspired like I always am when I read your blog!!! Congratulations, you truly deserve it!

Suz Reaney


That is wonderful news. You are so deserving. I love how your voice comes right through when you write. I just feel like you are talking and laughing and being serious and I can see you making all sorts of funny little faces when you write. I can't wait to get my copy!


Carmelina Lounsbury

Hello! it's nice to meet you!

congrat's on the publication! I love that magazine too...and short of locking myself in my room, I do read it cover to cover with much interest!
I haven't yet purchased the latest issue, I can't seem to find it anywhere!....but when I do get my hands on it, you'll be the first one I look up!

ciao bella
I'll follow you now....and I invite you on over to my blog...Creative Carmelina to enter my giveaway!

Carmelina was here!!!!!!

Carmelina Lounsbury

I've copied your html code and will post your pic on my side bar!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

come see me!!!!

Leah C

That's fantastic news...I'm sooo excited for you! Congratulations!! Now, I'll have to be sure to pick up a copy:)


Oh me oh my this is soooooo very cool
that you are in this book.
Love that for you!

Hope all is well in your world and that
you are just happy.


Oh how wonderful! I love this magazine as well! I will run right out and get my copy! Congrats to you! You are the perfect fit!


Congrats on being featured...how exciting! Can't wait to see your new collection!


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