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March 25, 2010


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Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

Ooohh fun! I have used the metal stamps on regular chipboard before and made some cute Spring things, but I'll have to check out this kit you've mentioned! I just got a new little cupcake metal stamp...it's so cute and tiny! Not sure what I'll do with it yet....


So fun!! Love how they turned out!


how cool is that!!! i never saw or heard of these before, so i thank you for sharing...have fun on your trip Jeanne...and be careful with your soldering iron...LOL...i am saying that because i have had soldering supplies for over three years...they are unopened...i am afraid that i will burn my fingers off...silly me:)


Have fun on your trip Jeanne! Love all of the creativity that goes on in your house!!!


What fabulous fun for you, your friend, and your sweet girls:) The art turned out great!


SO lovely! Looks like you enjoyed yourself. :) I need to get some of her stamp...love them!



Wow! Those are really neat! Your blog is the bomb! :o)


I just bought some of her scrappen' line today..love the vintage flair to it all. I will have to try and find some of these goodies that you had so much fun with. Glad you and the girls had a fun creative time together!!


So so so (very very) excited to see you!!!


Gorgeous - love the butterfly one. My daughter would love this - I wonder if you can get them or anything like here?


Nothing beats creativity surrounded by other creators.
Your girls will remember these times forever.

Enjoy your weekend!


Love this! I have never seen this done but it looks fabulous!
If you get a chance check out my blog I have something for you:)
I always love your posts!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Wow! What fun. They turned out really great.


Now that looks like so much fun...the results are lovely! Enjoy your Seattle time...I love that city..we live less than 2 hours away..so visit all the time. xoxoxo


that is such a great idea! I can see you there, smiling, having the time of your life! They turned out so great! My natalie would have loved that play date more than you know!


What a fun project to do with friends and daughters! Cherish those times together..........


They are fabulous!


Thanks for sharing I have to search this out.... i would love a new creative outlet for me and my girls. Have a wonderful trip to Seattle!!


Oh my goodness!!! THis seems so much fun. I am so glad you shared this...my girls may be a bit too young but they love my necklaces and I could always help them with it...sounds like the perfect thing to do:)

Enjoy your travels!


I want to try this -- it looks awesome! thanks for sharing your tips. :) You're so creative.

Have a great weekend in Seattle!

Jen R sanctuary art

THey look fantastic! What a cool project for spring break... from the comments I see the asian guy thought so too.

laura venosa dellaporta

Oh.. I love this.. thinking of getting the kit for my daughter....and myself. Sleep over projects.. looks like fun love the boxes. thanks for sharing. xo Laura

lorraine lewis

Have fun :)


Jeanne, so funny to be reading this post right now! I am AT Archivers with a girlfriend, we generally make an entire day of it and decided to bring our laptops this time! I recently bought some Melody Ross papers and embellies but haven't bought any of the tools yet. Of course here, I am surrounded by them, so I may be tempted to leave with something new from her line. Thanks for sharing your creations. What a precious and priceless time with your sweet girl!


good job girls...they are adorable!!

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