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March 30, 2010


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Love the resurrection cookies!! I have never heard of that, it sounds like a wonderful family tradition. Thanks so much for sharing :)


I had never heard of either of these...the cookies or the book but I think we will be copying you this year. Thank you so much for sharing and I cannot wait to make these cookies! My 3 boys will LOVE this whole thing. I love that you share your love for the Lord on your blog with hesitation or fear of rejection. Have a wonderful Easter.

Lemonade Makin' Mama

I'm totally doing this! I just forwarded it to my sin in law too. You are awesome. Where on earth did you come up with this? Such a great idea.

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

He is risen, indeed!!!

Thank you for the recipe, Jeanne. What a sweet and wonderful tradition!

Have a blessed Easter!

: )

Julie M.


Thank you for sharing this sweet tradition! I have never heard of these before, I'm sure my younger kids will love this. I will check out the book The Lamb as well. Have a blessed Easter! Theresa


I love the idea of the cookies Jeanne ~ I gave the recipe to my girlfriend a few years ago and she made them with her kids. It was a yummy way to send a powerful message that Easter is not all about bunnies and chocolate.
I saw some pictures of your week-end on Facebook and on Kim's blog ~ it looks like you ladies had a fabulous time.


That is the sweetest recipe I have seen! My boo-boy will LOVE it... he is so into Jesus right now! :)

Thanks for sharing!



That is a wonderful idea!


Wow! Thanks for sharing -- that is wonderful and so touching!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

We made those cookies a few years back. I'm sure my kids don't even remember it. Need to revisit that again.

Can't wait to see all your beautiful treasures you made:)


That looks like an amazing book! I'll have to pick one up for us. :) And the cookies look yum!



How we need a generation of young people who live the truth that Jesus is a Risen Savior! Thank you for having the heart to teach yours!!

judy watkins

What a beautiful tradition Jeanne. HE HAS RISEN!

andrea singarella

I remember reading this on your blog last Easter, and I loved the idea then just as I do now! I will be sure to make these with my kids this year.
Thanks for sharing!
Looks like you had such a wonderful time at Tiffany's! What a fun group of gals to be surrounded by and create with.


love the easter cookies...we made them last year and now its a tradition! the kids loved the story and they asked so many questions...i'm looking forward to see how it goes this year.


Wow! Thanks for sharing -- that is wonderful and so touching! And the cookies look yum!

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