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March 09, 2010


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Victoria@Whimsy by Victoria

Jeanne...this will be my first summer here...I am hoping your letter works! :) I too love to entertain in the summer. That cookbook is divine and I now want one! Just beautiful photos and the food...yum! I say...skip Spring, bring on Summer!! lol Have a great week!



I love this post. Now I want to be someone who gets to come to one of your parties! I think I need to order this book!


Amazing pictures....love them all...and you are NOT asking for too much...summer days and nights to entertain with flowers...sounds perfect!!!


great, great photos! i was drooling.


I'm praying for the same thing this year, so you're not alone.

Great sales job for the book too... I'm ready to find one! :)



Wow...what wonderful pictures thinking I need a copy of that book!! It would be nice to have lots of fun outside this summer entertaining!!

Modern Prairie Girl

I'm with you there---June is slop around here and I don't even start my backyard soiree' plans until July :(

These pics are so wonderful you posted...makes me long for those summer evenings. I'm in the market for a looooong harvest table with multitudes of different chairs around it. I'm hoping my Barn Boys have got something for me.

Here's a question...when, my dear friend, will you venture just south of Seattle for some sangria and laughs at Chez Blair? :)



But Jeanne, you are going to be in FRANCE this summer! It will be wonderful!

I really think we should see if we can meet up in Paris at the end of July. Maybe have une verre du vin or go browsing at Shakespeare and Company. What do you think?


Every time I visit your blog.. I get even more excited to meet you!! You are reading my mind with this post!

Today I actually opened my windows and it felt so good but then I started remembering that last summer, It didn't get much warmer than this!!!! We didn't use the boat, we wore sweaters instead of bathing suits and had umbrellas attached to the tops of our heads!!! I am hoping for a little more Michigan -Like summer this year!!!!! I hope She hears our pleas!!!!


Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Gorgeous images. Oh I can't stand it! Just a few more months and we'll hopefully have that weather. Maybe you can have those fun parties and movie nights. That sounds like so much fun btw:)


All of the food in your cookbook looks yum. I hope this summer brings lots of pretty weather for picnics.


Sangria. Candles. Good music. Laughter.
Sounds light the perfect summer night! only the ocean could make it better than that! =) I love the outdoor movie night too!! Such fun! I miss summer! =)
Just Jenn~

Theresa Hein

What beautiful images! The second picture is just fabulous... I love summer, eating outside, our meal time seems so much more relaxed out there. I can't wait... Theresa


Oh, you must of heard my wish as well for summer.
Our "happy" place is 9 hours from where we live. So, we usually take a couple of weeks to make it worth our wild. It has been rainy and cold the last three summers in a row. Although, I am thankful for the time with our family, extended family and friends. I too am pleading that we have sunshine this year.
Nothing beats waking up to the coolness of a summer morning and taking your cup of coffee to the beach. To sit and take in all of the glory of such sweet surroundings, coupled with the anticipation of a glorious day!
Don't even get me started on the evenings ... it would just take to long. Just know I join you with your wish for a sun filled summer.

the wild raspberry

that book looks like one you could look at over and over and over again.....
thanks for sharing it with us.

i'm wanting to do a girls brunch in the garden this summer.... it's been on my wish list for a few summers now~ gonna make it happen! pinky~promise.

hope all your entertaining dreams come true.

i know you would make it just as lovely as the pictures you shared~~~~



PS One more thing...could you not just zip in and out in the blink of an eye? Because fall is truly fantastic, but summer is so much fun! Plus it's rude to just whip by and not sit a spell...


I second that...all of it! We had a lot of rain too and I had flowers that didn't bloom because of a previous long ice storm...I was so sad about that. I'll have to check out that book.....looks yummy!


Oh my, those are gorgeous pictures, I will have to check out that book...Girl's night w/ Sangria...I love doing that, you're getting me excited for summer too :)


what great photos! we have people over all the time and our summer wasn't great last year either! here to hoping for more sunshine :) susan


I definitely need to do some fabulous summer shoots - these photos are so darn inspiring!!!


I thought Colorado always had perfect, low humidity weather -- sorry that last summer didn't pan out. Now that you've let summer know of your plans ahead of time, I'm sure Mother Nature will cooperate!

Amy Jo Axe

I agree! I am ready for some fun in the sun!

Flower Patch Farmgirl

You ain't kidding. Our Summer was similar last year. We hosted 4th of July and it was rainy AND we all had to wear jeans and jackets.

I want my tomatoes to grow big this year. And I wouldn't mind a teeny, tiny tan.


I love your pictures! Exactly the kind of spread I love for entertaining, too! Thanks for listing the book, I am going to see if my library can get it for me. I'd love to look through it.

I'm a new follower, I follow Becky, Sasha and Lissa's blogs and after reading about you and seeing your pictures I just had to check out your blog. It's great! Love it!

Hope you get a wonderful summer :)



And while you're at it Summer, I would like Colorado to turn into some place warm, tropical and beach resembling. I would love some white sand and oceanic breezes. Thanks

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