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January 14, 2010


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you lucky, lucky girl!!!!! Have a ball in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So cool -- what a beautiful room! Have a great weekend!


Oh it's beautiful! I have to say I know how you feel... my studio is in our basement, and I have the same problem. I tend to haul everything upstairs and make a mess of the kitchen and family room!


Amazing room! I love it.


What a wonderful space you have created for yourself. You have inspired me to cast a sneaky eye into my own large, sunny dining room that is never used. Hmmmm...

Maybe I'll tell my husband "But Jeanneoli's husband let HER do it!"


True Love! This post had me smiling for you. What an amazing space in your beautiful home.. and it's full of LOVE!!!
happy creating,


oh my goodness, I love love love this! It is so beautiful Jeanne, I could go on and on, but I won't...I know you have some creating to do! Happy weekend and if you make those ruffled aprons, the one on your mannequin, I forgot her name, sorry, I WANT one! :) much love, Tara


thinkin jo packham needs to drop by for a visit!


expecting great things from you....no pressure! :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama

I don't think there were nearly enough photos because I kept wanting to see more and more of it... it's just gorgeous~!

Leah C

Gorgeous spot...I'm drooling over your "new" studio! A little over a year ago, my dh suggested we turn our living room into my creating space and I love it! I think you & I got lucky in the hubby department:) Enjoy creating!


beautiful!!! can i come live with you? ;-)

Jen R

Your space is totally awesome! ! And you deserve it! I love your piece! I am so happy for you that you have such a lovely space to work in! I know you are going to produce amazing things from in


Thank you so much for sharing your creative space with us! It is such a beautiful space! I can see why your creativity has been unleashed. It makes such a difference the room you create it. My studio is my favorite room in my house - I just LOVE the feel of it and all the magic that goes on in it!!!


What an amazing work space Jeanne! LOVE it! Can we set up a candle making area somewhere in there????? :)
Enjoy your weekend!


Love your "new" studio! ;) Enjoy!



How fortunate you are to have such a gorgeous, inspiring space set apart to be creative! I dream of having a space like that some day.


Swoon.... love it and completely understand about dreary and cold basements. We recently moved and I now have 2 huge windows to let light in as I sew/craft/launder/etc. My hubby said other day{jokingly} that he forgot I knew how to sew... Now I'm loving that it is so easy to walk into my warm room & create!

btw I am still kicking myself for not buying one of your little girls dresses a few years ago at the CL fair, I loved them!
blessings to you, barbara

Wanda @ Just Vintage

It's Gorgeous! Wow! Man, I'm so envious. I love the look, too. I'm just not as adept at pulling it off as you are.


Jeanne, Congratulations on your new space--don't we all deserve it?! And no wonder your creativity is flowing; she needs a lil respect and not to be kept in the cold, dark basement! Bless your husband, too. Sounds like a very nice and supportive guy!

Rachel from A Cupcake for Moose

Whoa...you're studio is amazing! I can definitely tell your creative sparks are flying in this new room. I'm glad you took the plunge and had an awesome hubby to support bringing out the BEST in you. May you be blessed with creativity and passion in your new studio! LOVE the photos...very inspiring!


Looks like my kind of heaven! I create in a closet! ha! Makes yours look even more heavenly. Thank you for sharing.
Have a fab weekend!

Annette Q

Hi Jeanne!
Love your workspace!
I'm still trying to find a little corner in my new flat where I feel comfortable and happy to create. And if looks even just a little bit like yours I'll be very happy!


Oh...you space is wonderful! Light and heat mean everything! My art studio used to be upstairs in our attic area with not enough light of heat and I finally moved downstairs to an extra bedroom and transformed the space and have been in heaven ever since. Plus it's nice to be closer to the kitchen (and bathroom) :)


Zita-Mlle Magpie

Gorgeous, Jeanne! What a bold and brilliant move. Really, WWC should come over for a little photo shoot of your shabby and elegant atelier!

A pocket full of posies...

How absolutely beautiful!!!! What a blessing to have such a lovely room to create in!

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