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January 19, 2010


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I have been over to visit every day and I love it, I really do! I wish that I had the time and imagination to do one too but then I would not have time to make my rounds in blog land...


You are doing such a great job! Can you believe we're actually doing it?! Your posts here have been fantastic too:)

Chrissie Grace

I am doing a 365 blog too!
It's a lot of fun...I love seeing your photos every day!


Well, we haven't yet been able to keep up with our bloggy selves every day...however a friend and I started a blog that is photos of our lives everyday. The deal is I live in Washington state and she lives in Texas. It is exactly 2,163 miles from my door step to her's so our blog is www.twentyone63.blogspot.com It's been lots of fun to see what, on any given day, things look from her view of the world compared to my view. I have kids, she doesn't. She is a working professional outside the home, I'm full time at home mother. It has been a really nice way to stay connected since I moved from Texas this past year.


you are doing a marvelous job on your 365 project. great composition in your photos. i love checking in on you and seeing what you see.


Hi Jeanne! I do not always comment, but, I always read your post, and I view your fabulous photo blog as well. Loving it!


I'm doing the 365 day photo challenge too! It's such a blast. www.sealedwithasmilephoto.com

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