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January 21, 2010


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i love it jeanne!
so much wisdom & so much truth girl!

your collage is gorgeous
it is so much fun watching your gifts come to fruition


I got this quote from a friend and wrote it on the inside-front page of my calendar/planner so that I see it often...

****Bitterness is the poison you drink hoping for it to kill the other guy.****

Not sure if it is original to my friend, but it is profound to me... reminding me how unforgiveness on my part affects me.

Your collage is just beautiful.


What a gorgeous piece of art, and a wonderfully written post, Jeanne. I have gotten much better at letting go myself...still a work in progress, but I can definitely tell a difference. It has taken a lot of practice! xox


sorry i had to cut off early with the squeals of hungry kids.=) i wanted to add that i want to SEE this one in person before it's gone. the colors, textures, and sentiment are beautiful, jeanne!


worry...that is one that i want to let go...i want to give my dreams flight and know that it takes time and patience to get those wings ready for flight...
beautiful collage...sigh...you are amazing...thank you!


This art is breathtaking! Not just the visual images, layers and colors but the meaning it stirs. It is so beautiful to think of the expression of art moving from the seed of thoughts and ideas within the creator into the physical form for others to experience. It is just wonderful!!


Another great post! It hit close to home! i need to learn to let go...
Thanks for sharing!
Your collage is beautiful and inspiring!

the wild raspberry

that is so beautiful jeanne.


it is beautiful!


I need to come to those realizations you have. Thanks for sharing. So beautiful!


You hit me straight between the eyes today with this -- "Letting go of the image of yourself that you THOUGHT you would be and just embrace the one that you are."

Thanks for this post - you have no idea how much it speaks to me today.

I love your artwork too ... beautiful.


Such a beautiful piece of art and words too.


OH.MY.GOSH!!! this is GORGEOUS!!! i love, love, love it!

I know what you mean, I have been working on releasing a lot of things, the biggest of which is worry. it is so hard but so important.

love your blog more and more

Flower Patch Farmgirl

You are an artist! Your collage is pure beauty. The colors and the textures...I'm in love!


This is absolutely perfect for me, as that is my goal this year, to let go of the past!! yippee, I am working on it, it is hard and wears me down, but I am almost at the top of the mountain and I can taste it...! Thank you Jeanne for being so YOU!

Amy Jo Axe

Beautiful! Such great words to remember!


Oh my goodness, that is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! YOU ARE ONE VERY VERY TALENTED WOMAN! I love those hands especially! Such a great word picture from your heart to art!

Also love your words today in your post! It's so wonderful that you can see the mighty changes you've made in yourself over the years, like with "letting go of the image you thought you would be, and embracing what you are." I love that and needed to hear it today.

Keep flying Jeanne!
Lee Ann


I can't believe you're letting that amazing piece of art leave your studio. It's your best yet in my opinion. LOVE the metal!! LOVE! You are amazing dear Jeanne. Truly amazing! I LOVE YOU very much!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Very beautiful girl, and I love the meaning behind it.

Annette Q

Oh my goodness, that bird is beautiful. What a great piece!
...Letting go, makes so much sense :-)

anne marie

what an inspiration you are Jeanne


i am working on letting go of some things right now...your post was very timely for me...thank you for your words...the collage is quite lovely Jeanne!!!

Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

I know where you're coming from...I have also had to back off from "friendships" that were toxic to me. It is hard to develop true friendships as an adult, but don't we treasure the ones we DO have!? I LOVE the artwork - simply beautiful! If I had $190 to burn, I'd buy it : )

Janet Doherty

Once again...you hit the nail on the head...must be that point in our lives. I have been muddled in neighborhood hoa issues and can I just tell you...I need a retreat away into my creative world. Time to get back to creating what makes me happy.
Your artwork is amazing and so perfect!
Hope you are doing well...I think of you often and will pick up that phone soon.


I enjoy all of your post, but, I love this one. It was meant for me.
Blessings, Jeanneoli'. Ha!

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