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October 21, 2009


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just realized the uber cool teresa collins was there too...
did ya'll meet?

what fun!

The Flying Bee

Beautiful Jeanne...and so inspiring!


You should hang your art in your studio...it is amazing! You are a true true talent Jeanne and the words and message on these pieces of art are powerful! It's a real joy to read about your experience at Brave Girl...thanks so much for sharing it :)

:) T


the spoken truth IS so powerful! loved seeing some of your creations and precious words! so beautiful...what a special way to spend a day!


I wish you could have heard a little bird telling me about you and how funny, just cool and wonderful you are in every way during Brave Girly Camp and how you are her life friend too. I love it that you made these two precious friends. Your artwork is breathtaking your heart in words, amazing.

So many truths I am facing about me right now! Dare I mention them, lest one might scream, or laugh, or just nod and say...Bless Her!..., smile. God has a way of taking those words and making good of them now doesn't he! Ok, so mine is a weeeeeee bit painful right now with a big out-loud "OUCH", but I am good with that as God makes beauty of these ashes. He is gonna...He promised my heart this! My words are now around my neck in tiny charms...Brave, Faith, Fly...because the other words that describe my truth in my heart were just the opposite.

Soooo...I will be at your house, sayyyyy...around 2:00 tomorrow for coffee, wink!

Yes, yes, this is the longest comment I have ever left in my life as you say, "Oh My"! Sorry about that.

Happy, precious day to you!


i forgot to tell you..i'm on the plane right now to come have coffee....
you did invite right?
love your artwork....
it's beautiful.

Lara Blair

Your art is so wonderful, Jeanne...yet another creative endeavor for you to add to your list. How fantastic!

I love that your heart was touched and that you revealed your own truths to yourself...the ones that hide in our minds and want to be brought to the front. You are truly taking flight and I think
you are an amazing woman in so many ways~


I love this post. I think I need to take some time and remember the truths that have been pushed aside for so long. Thank you for reminding me.


Wow this is powerful. I am going to have to find some time to figure out my truths.

Beautiful artwork...

Honey Bend Vintage

Oh my what a wonderful experience. Thanks for the insopiration tonight I am writing some truths down. Love your pieces !!


Thats cool that you homeschool your kids! I only did one year in public school that was Kindergarten. And thanks I am thrilled that I won the necklace! Thanks for poppin by!

Love, {Madison}


Wow ~ what an inspiring post. Your artwork is amazing and a great reminder to you everyday of the time you had, the friends you made and how we should all be thinking...


So amazing... I can't wait to go to BGC in the Spring. I love your blog and I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments on mine. I can't out how to follow yours. If you have a second can you tell me how? Sorry, I'm not very savy :)


Jeanne. What food for thought you've given me. I can't imagine the impact actually being there......!!

I am going to think on this tonight and then post about it tomorrow.

I do have to tell you, I've never done anything like this before. I had anxiety thinking "what would I say to myself" - and that was before I will pray about it, and listen for the Lord's truth's the He impresses on my heart.

Your experience is beyond words. I will bring the non-fat, pumpkin latte's right over so we can chat. I'll also bring some wine, I have a feeling the chat will last well into the evening!

xoxoxo - Tracy.

Shawn Seay

Well, I have tears in my eyes. What a beautiful post. I love the letters to yourself. I am going to read it again and borrow some of your words for myself.
Thank you so much for sharing that. I needed some of those words in my life right now.....even though they were to you:-)


Oh Jeanne, those are beautiful and so powerful! It's sounds so amazing!

Julie Parmer Hosley


LoVe your posts!!...but most of all...LOVED meeting you and spending time with you. BGC was so powerful...I will forever hold you and the other brave girls in my heart! xoxo


all i can say is thank you for sharing this amazing time...friendship is a gift...what a blessing!

Tricia Whisler

Jeanne, your work is so beautiful. I love the saying about not fitting it, but standing out, being light in the darkness. That IS you. Just the few times we've talked and what I read here, you ARE the real deal and bring light into some of my dark days. Thank you Jeanne, and I love you!


It's the coffee offer still open! I'd be there in a heart beat... the more I read the more I can just imagine what the whole week was like... your art is beautiful, i love your words of truth, so amazing!
thank you for sharing your heart,

kana conger

It all sounds so wonderful! Thanks for sharing your pretty artwork...I like the words you used.


Jeanne - what a beautiful post! It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you. You had an amazing experience...We all need to be reminded of our true selves.


What a wonderful experience. Your art is beautiful and you can see the sincerity in them. Very moving!

xo, Michelle


What an amazing experience to share with us. Your posts brought tears to my eyes. I can't tell you how much so many of your posts have helped me through some rough times I have been trying to work through. Thank you for sharing your experiences & creativity.

Laurel@Simply Bay's Place

I feel so lucky that you shared this little tidbit of your amazing experience with us.
It reminds me again, to be me.

I feel peace while reading your blog.

But, I think I might feel even more peaceful if we were drinking pumpkin lattes and you could spill your guts.... ;)

Are you freezing up there? We got a dusting but it looked like you might have been pounded with snow....Hope your keeping warm!

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