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October 22, 2009


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camille mcclelland

I have not started my promise book yet... I need to. xox


Jeanne, your posts are always so touching and sweet...i love how you talk about your life...how much you love it and how happy you are...you are blessed...it really sounds like you had the most amazing time at the brave girls club

Lemonade Makin' Mama

You can post on BGC as much as you want. I am enthralled by the journey and friendship you three have been on.

It's hard to come back to real life after the mountaintop experience isn't it? I have been there myself many times.

the wild raspberry

lovely post....and you girls are just so dang adorable.


Hi. I came over from Becky's blog and I am so thankful that I did. Thank you for reminding me to slow down. What a wonderful journey...I love reading about it.


I keep reading about how amazing this was! I am so happy for ya'll. I think it would be a great soul-searching experience!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming)

Oh sweet friend...you have no idea how timely this post is for me..thank you!

I'm so glad that you had this amazing opportunity. We women need to come together like this more often to share ourselves, our experiences and our wisdom.

Love and hugs to you!


neat, jeanne. i was just going to ask you for the song title again! thanks!=) really beautiful and challenging, jeanne. mostly, very real and at the heart of LIVING. i remember being asked (college years) to give my life a title. my response finally was LIVING TO LIVE. i believe the thoughts in your post get to the heart of what that means. love you!


btw, i love melody's leather butterfly!!!=)


I am so addicted to your blog and your writing. I have been feeling the same way this week. And my sister has been telling me every day to go where the peace is. Maby I need to move to Idaho.


I agree with Lemonade Makin' Momma, you can keep writing about your amazing journey because I want to keep reading about it!

I love that it was something that transformed you, and is now transforming us because of you. Amen to you, and Melody, and all the girls that participated!


Such great lessons to learn...I am also really loving reading about your time at BGC! Finding peace is something I'd like to do!


I am blown away by your posts on BGC....I need BGC, thank you for sharing this incredible experience with all of us. We all need some healing and peace, some days more than others.

Thank you.


Awww sweet peace...what we all need and long for! I love seeing your pics and hearing about BGC...you have give those of us unable to go a piece of inspiration!


Okay, well I'm actually sad to see the Brave Girl posts come to an end. I have enjoyed each and every one of them and for some reason this last one really struck a chord with me. Thank you. It was just what I needed today and I'm going to bookmark it and come back to it again. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself through this process. It's very brave and I think you are wonderful. Jen

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Yes, I vote for peace, with a dash of happiness. Thanks for the wonderful posts on your incredible BGC, Jeanne.


thank you again for another wonderful post. your last few posts have really got me thinking....actually deeper than thinking...more like soul searching. thank you for the encouragement.
your heart is beautiful, tender, kind and compassionate.
you are an amazing example of GOOD!!
have a great weekend!!!


i had a mentor , years ago that encouraged us to take a day away & spend in meditating, praying, journaling or whatever. i haven't done one in several years. i really want to make that a commitment especially during this fall season, which is my favorite time for reflection.

thank you for sharing your heart & what you learned during those days. i can only imagine....
i will take much of what you've said to heart when i hopefully soon, get my quiet day away!
much love to you jeanne
you inspire me


I miss you... I MISS you!!! Your photos of your promise book are so much more artistic than mine. I just took flat photos. I like yours a lot!! Miss you like crazy!! I think about you and Becky and Melody and Kathy...and carrie... and.... and all the time! You guys have touched my heart and will be my friends forever.


jules white

wow. thank you for sharing...could read on and on about how this experience blessed you, so don't stop!! for me, it is such a gift to be told we are worth giving this time to ourselves. i only pray that i do it. you are a blessing, thank you, from a friend you have never met, but someone who truly values what you have given us all. jules


I would love it if you could just speak for me all the time. You've done it each time you posted about BGC, you've taken exactly what I feel in my heart and put it into such beautiful words. Thanks you! Can tell you I listen to that song about 50 times a day. It's the first thing I listen to in the morning, it's how I start my day.

anne marie

what a great post........i can really connect with your writing........

p.s. love your boots in the last pict.


Goodness there is so much truth in this post. Beautifully stated as your true heart just comes out in your words. I love it how you call me to think and go within my heart to find truth.

Praying you amazing peace today girly, and sunshine in your heart too!


Beautiful post, so real and inspiring Jeanne, I think this little post has solitified (sp?) something for me..so thank you! I saw a shooting star today on my way to work, I wasn't even looking, and it was low, really low...i wanted to turn the car around and get my baby out of bed, and dress him in his warm clothes and sit beneath a tree, and wait..til dawn with him, hoping he could see what I saw, just maybe...Thank you for being such a real friend to so many!

Vicki Archer

A very lovely read Jeanne...promises are so easy to write but sometimes so hard to keep. I guess there is a challenge for us all.....Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

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