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August 04, 2009


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well done! well done! hair disheveled and dress unironed, you are beautiful, lady, in every way!=)


Oh how I love that dress. It's just perfect for the release party... and perfect for you!

I love to blog because it opened up a whole new world of creativity for me - through the people I've met, the ideas I've discovered and the stories I've shared. I am proud to be part of such a vibrant community of beautiful and creative women (including you!)


I for one sure am glad you blog...you always make me smile and I adore coming to your blog!!

:) T

jen R Sanctuary arts at home

Congrats to you Jeanne! :) Jen


Wonderful post! I love how you express "why" you blog. Blogging has truly become what you said - "I love blogging because it gives me something that is all my own that in the same breath shares the stories about the people I love and the things I create." AMEN!


Congrats to you. I love blogging because at the end of the year I plan to turn my blog into a book...sort of a history of 2009, and although it has been a rough year I believe there is still sweetness to be found in family and friends. I especially love to draw inspiration from others. Have a blessed day.

The Beautiful Life

In case I hadn't already said it -- CONGRATS! :)


Debra Cripps

I don't have a blog but I sure love to read them especially yours because you have such a great music list and I love all your pictures and articles too. Hope I'm entered!

Tricia Whisler

I am soooo happy for you Jeanne! I gotta get me that book! I started blogging for business and then it quickly became for the fun of it and now it's for the friendships!

Julie M.

Ahhhh...that dress is adorable! Congratulations on being included in Tara's book. What fun! I can't wait to see it!

: )

Julie M.

ps Why do I blog? hmmm....well...I blog for fun, and for family (which is fun), and for my shop. I've only been blogging a short time...but find it completely addictive and must admit that if I were a bumper sticker kind of gal...I'd have one that reads, "I brake for photo-ops"


Blogging for me is a way to connect with people ooutside my house! I like to share bits and pieces with the world and feel a part of something creative and clever!lol When I get a follower on my blog I feel so good! I feel like someone enjoys my spirit and creativity..and that just nice!

Leah C

Congratulations on being featured in this wonderful book! I just love my copy:) And I love to blog for the same reason you do...connecting with other bloggers. Their creativity inspires me, their humor amuses me, and their words move me:)


Why do I blog...to be inspired by wonderful talented quilters, knitters, etc...

...to create friendships with people all over the world

...to know where I stand on my own creativity...and how much I actually get done...(it works as a record for me)

I have been inpired, moved to tears, laughed til I p**d my pants, and have ended up a better person for reaching out in friendship and sharing.


Oh how I love the Blog World, NEVER knowing what kind of wonderful I stumbled into when I picked this up back in Feb. (I know, where the h e double hockey sticks had I been?)

I have been blessed by YOU among many others who inspire and encourage me in ALL aspects of my life. Especially your amazing Godly advise. It is so based in Truth, I know our meeting is not by chance!

Can't wait to read that book, and see where this "blog-thing" leads me!!


Zita - Mlle Magpie

I blog for secret fun and happiness. I love finding kindred spirits from all over the world and feeling connected to this fascinating community of (mostly) women. (Plus, I can "go out" but never have to worry about my deathly food allergies.) p.s. love the dress you chose for the party, Jeanne!


This is why you are in the book! Blogging makes me feel connected. Others in the world have the same feelings, passions that I have about life. I love it.

Sandy Shirley

Blogging about my crafts helps motivate me to get things finished so I can post them on my blog. Congratulations on being in the book!

Amy Muffoletto

Blogging for me is purely fun and meeting new people.... Inspiration. I love your blog... The music that plays... the pictures.... Such a peaceful, simple, kind and loving life you live... Thanks for inspiring.... I am gonna have to get that book!!! Hugs, Friend...

Becky G.

For me, blogging fills many 'holes' in my life! First, it is a creative outlet, and allows me to showcase things I love. Second, it helps me to connect with other people. Most days I talk to my husband, my mother, and MYSELF! But visiting blogs, commenting, building blogging friendships with other bloggers, gives me a sense of belonging and that makes me feel good.


I just found your blog and already love it!
I started out blogging to keep family far away conected to us. Now I'd like to be more of a professional blogger, but havn't really found my groove. I LOVE to blog and read other blogs, I find it all very inspiring. I would VERY MUCH love to win this book! Even if I don't win, I'm going to keep visitng your blog, very inspiring!


Mornin' Jeanne,

I blog for fun, to be inspired. But my favorite is the wonderful people I've met and the funny comments. The ones that make me laugh are the best! Do you read Lemonade Makin' Momma? She is especially funny! Chat soon! xo

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

I love to blog for the interaction with people. I have met some of the most wonderful friends this way. Also it gives me an outlet to share my life and to bare my soul. What a wonderful thing. I hope I never run out of stuff to put out there...it has changed my life.

So exciting that you could be apart of this book. Hope I win:)


Great post! Fun intro to the party! Again, congratulations, and keep the posts coming ...great reads... and enjoy the creating:)


Congratulations Jeanne :)

I started blogging after I read Daisy Cottage. I blog now because it's fun, documents my life and the friendships. I don't have a business, I'm not a decorator and I'm not a chef, but I dabble in the last two. For the life of me I can't figure out why people read what I have to say, but I'm glad they do :)



Thank you, Tara's mom.

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