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August 10, 2009


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I totally agree with you, although I am not sure what love letters are...are they really this great? i mean can a man really write like this...it still baffles me!

This is an amazing story...amazing!


This family is sooo beautiful! I too will never meet them but read about them each and every day and feel as if I know them!


wonderful letters indeed! Puts any man to shame.

Beth Moore

I think they were/are truly blessed to have this love for each other. I love reading her sisters blog, such a great writer!


i am in love, too, and my husband does not know the extent of it.=) they have been a blessing and joy to "know" throughout these last four months that i have known part of their story. don't hold it back any longer; you need to let them know your feelings, jeanne!=)


I have been in love with couple too when I came across them last year after their accident. They are truly some of the sweetest people ever. I told my hubby about those letters but perhaps I should make him read them too;) My heart aches for Stephanie when she talks about her children and the healing that she is going through. I hope that if faced with anything trying I am able to have the strenghth and faith that she does. It is amazing the bond we can make with people we have never met. One of the many reasons I am so glad to be a part of the blogging community.


This Ozark country chick now has the irresistible urge to dig way back in the closet and pull out the big bag of love letters hubby wrote during our engagement. Because of this, I know he is not illiterate in such activities yet after the I do....he don't!!! Memories, gotta' love them. Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed summer day.

Janet Doherty

I have always admired their love for one another.
I keep one of John's love letters in my wallet at all times. It just reminds me of how it really is...love comes from the heart.


Those letters are so touching. Every time I visit her blog I tear up. They really are two amazing people.


Leah C

We should all be so lucky to be part of a love story like theirs:)


my heart aches for them. I too love them and their sweet family!


I find myself thinking if I was as wonderful as Stephanie perhaps I would receive such love letters as well. I LOVE their family!!!


I have been following them also, she is so inspiring! She posted a photo of herself yesterday....she is still beautiful in my eyes!


they both amaze me and inspire me. when i need to be humbled and need a sense of gratitude, i head over to nie nie. she is an inspiration.

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