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July 13, 2009


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yay to sweet friendships!! so nice, jeanne!

Honey Bend Vintage

Friendships are such wonderful things and at times puzzling to me. They do evolve. I just reconnected with 3 of my closest friends from college. A disagreement caused a gap for awhile. Today it is like there was never a gap. We don't know why we fought and can't figure out how our friendship is even stronger. So puzzling evolving I will take it~


precious! just what i needed to read.


I love friends like that. I have my friend Cindy (who I get to see on Tues) - friends since 4th grade. We pretty much only see each other during summer, but it's like we saw each other the day before, just picking up where we left off. It's one of the best things ever!!

Amy Jo Axe

Jeanne, I love you too! You made me cry this morning between mowing the front and back yard. I couldn't have said it better! You are a friend that will always be close to my heart no matter what life throws at us. Thank you for your kind words and including me in your beautiful blog. Love you!


I love that you two care tenderly about each other and watchfully over your friendship. That takes heart and commitment. Thanks for the wonderful post.

Anne Marie

with Missy singing this song and reading this post.........well....just lovely Jeanne.....and for you to be so open and vulnerable here on the net....you are speaking to so many of us -

p.s. I would love for you to be part of my disguise fete event tomorrow~~

A pocket full of posies...

So sweet...and so true...I am leaving Sat. to see my very, very, very best friend in the world...we have known each other since we were three...we have been through more than imaginable...and even though it's but once a year we catch up (in person) when we are together it's as if time stood still while we were apart!!!
friends...one of life's greatest Blessings!

Karyn (French Charming)

What a sweet post and you are very lucky to have such a great and lasting friendship, they are few and far between. I need a tissue now...you made me cry!



what a sweet post for a dear friend of yours...
those unique and true friendships are so rare and never seem to fade, no matter how much we change or how far apart we are.
hope you two get to spend some time together soon.


What a treasure you have in each other as friends! This was just precious and I am feeling so blessed right now that you are sharing it with us. I am sure your friend must feel honored by this. Blessings on your day =o)


what a beautiful tribute to your friend Jeanne!!! i have had two of my best friends move away...i was not so lucky as you, those friendships faded away...it was sad...


How lucky you are to have a friendship that has endured and will keep on enduring life.
Cherish it. Most people don't find friends like that. Thanks for making me smile.


Sweet Post Jeanne!! Isn't it wonderful to have a best friend like this...Happy weekend darling~


this post made me cry because i know this friendship so so so well... and my tears are happy tears knowing how wonderful it is to have that kind of friendship that lasts the test of time, distance and life changes.
thank you for sharing your wonderful friendship with you sweet friend with us,

Tricia Whisler

Jeanne, that was so sweet! What a beautiful frienship the two of you share. You both are blessed!

Elaine Power

Jeanne what a beautiful friend you are,that was a lovely post. I know the feeling about leaving friends behind. :)


Your post today is lovely. As I have tears rolling down my face I remember my friend, Ann, who passed away in March after being in a car accident in January. I want you to know that writting things like this to your friend is AWESOME. Ann and I told each other how we felt - that we loved each other and that our time together was precious; even if it wasn't as often as we had hoped. I loved that she & I had that peaceful understanding between us - that family needs had to come first but that didn't mean our love for each other was any less. She was in a comma for 2 months before she passed and as I sat by her bedside week after week I was comforted by knowing she knew & I knew ... we had a great blessing between us called true friendship. Oh you'll never regret telling your friend you love her!!!!

Jennifer O'Brien

Your friend sounds like a very special person. I have friends like that, we could go months without seeing eachother & when we do it's like no time has past.


jeanne what a beautiful tribute to friendship!!


what a sweet post jeanne. i have goosebumps. that is a true friendship. one that survives through young kids and differents stages of family. time can pass but when you do talk it seems like just minutes since you saw each other last. you are very lucky to have each other. i am also blessed with great friends like this and thank God often for them.


Oh Jeanne, that is beautiful.

I'm at this very stage with a good friend right now - phone calls are getting fewer and further between and it stings.


Hiya Jeanne, what an amazing post on friendship, well thought out and written! And how luck you are to have this wonderful life experience - so glad for you!


This is the sweetest letter Jeanne. What a wonderful friend you are.


What a wonderful post ~ I love the girlfriends that we have in our lives that no matter how much time or distance separates you, when you do get together again it is like it was yesterday. These are the friendships we cherish.

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