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July 22, 2009


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Zita - Mlle Magpie

I'm a chandelier lover too - they just make a room. Looking forward to seeing your bathroom makeover, and the new things in your shop, Jeanne!


I love chadeliers too. i just don't have any cute ones. ugh!!! i really want cute ones.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Oh wow...those were really pretty. I've always wanted one somewhere it's just finding the right spot. I like the decal too...I could play around with it and it wouldn't be permanent.

Elaine Power

Hi Jeanne snap i love Chandeliers, I so cannot wait to start building the house so I can start getting some for the house. :)


Whenever I think about chandeliers I think of my Hubby's late aunt...the more bling the better for her...I hope she has a real bingy one up in Heaven ~smiles~


lovely chandelier post Jeanne...i have some old crystals too, and i can't figure out what to do with them...i will be watching to see what you come up with!!!


Love all the chandelier goodies!! I have a couple spots in my home that will not be complete until they have a vintage chandelier hanging in them!!

Tricia Whisler

Chadeliers are so awesome and romantic I think. Lovely goodies you shared. I want one above my claw foot tub someday. Have a great day Jeanne!


Chandeliers. My FAVORITE. Can't get enough! Love this post, and can't wait to see which perfect sparkley fixture you choose for your space. xoxo


Can't wait to see your bathroom. If you have orphan crystal like I do you can hang them around the rim of a wine glass and put a votive candle in the wine glass.


oh i like your new purchase...can't wait to see your new and improved bath...but take your time. i'll be patient :)


Hi Jeanne :)

I love the chandelier for the bathroom remodel. We take a while to do things around here too. I still haven't painted my bathroom and I've had the paint for 3 months LOL Can't wait to see what it looks like when you're done :)


Karyn (French Charming)

Chandeliers are my weakness! Love all your pictures and the towels are lovely! Your new chadelier is gorgeous!!

Laurel @ Pandora's Cottage

I love chandys! LOVE THEM!
Hey by the way, Florence is just east of Canon City! If you're ever heading south and itching for some antiquing, email me and we could check out Charles Dickens' Hall tree together. It is amazing to be able to touch such a thing. AMAZING! PS I'm in Colorado Springs.

Caroline's Lost and Found

Oh, I love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine! We take a long time to finish things around here too...so I am with on that one!! Take care, Caroline


You may already know my love of chandeliers (my store banner), but I must admit I do not own one yet! I am indecisive, plus my husband is hard to sell on this. One day I will have one. Perhaps it will only be a decal in my office, but it will make me feel oh-so-elegant :)


I love the chandeliers and chandelier accessories you found! Very impressive and how incredibly vintage chic! Love it! Just found your blog. You're a great writer...thanks for sharing with all of us!


Hello Jeanne - I love, love chandeliers. So pretty. I especially like the first photo! Thank you for sharing!


the paris apartment

Great photos. Really shows you that chandeliers really work anywhere. I even love using them in a closet!


Your window seat is cute enough already, a little chandelier might just be too much prettiness - us ordinary folk just can't keep up!

:) T


I just Love your blog... I commented earlier and said it in a much cooler way, but my comment never showed up. Rats!


I have one of those faux chandys in my office and I love it.. in fact.. I posted about it here:


I love the wedding invitation! and the tea towels? Love this post!

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