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June 15, 2009


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It's just gorgeous Jeanne - really, really lovely! How funny, I have most of the same pillows you have. I wanted the big burlap pillow to look a little more aged, so I ran it through the washer and dryer(even though it said not to). Let's just say I achieved the look I was going for, but I was vaccuuming burlap out of my dryer for a week! Happy Monday...


Just lovely! And gorgeous photos. I'm (just a little bit) jealous - is that naughty?! ;o)

Elaine Power

Jeanne it looks gorgeous! you have made it such a cosy place to sit lovely pictures, I love the cushions too, I will deffinetly be putting in an order for those this week, enjoy your cosy spot!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Wonderful window seat, Jeanne! Love everything you did - all your little touches. It's perfect!


These are gorgeous images! I love it and want to crawl into the pictures.

Barn House

Love it all!!


can I just get in my cozies and sit in there with my morning cup of coffee and have a morning chat with you? then on Sunday I will be over to take a nap! I love those measuring cups too! You have so many of those pillows... lucky!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

It's so beautiful, peaceful and serene. I love it. My favorite things are those burlap pillows. Boy that's all the rage right now. I keep seeing them everywhere. I need to get on the bandwagon:)

A pocket full of posies...

Beautiful!!! (I bought the same curtains for my studio!- love them!)


Thanks don't mind if i do sit a spell, a lemondae would be good or a beer I am not picky! Seriously Jeanne, this is an amazing little part of your house, I love the drapes they give the room a romantic feel. I also think I need one of those card holders thingy's, I forgot what they are called! Oh and Sara mention yesterday she still wants her badge..HA!! uhm, seriously I want one too! :)



Thanks for the tip on finding ticking fabric at Wal-Mart! I was just at JoAnn's this weekend looking for ticking but couldn't find any--I never would have thought to look at WM! I always forget they sell fabric. I went this morning and got some of both the red and blue, yay!

Are you going to the Old Glory show this weekend in Littleton?


what a lovely place to daydream...it is sooo pretty! the pillows, the old books, the jar of buttons, the frog......all of it!
i did want to see a shot of the little guy in the tea...that is too funny! :)
have a wonderful day.


how cute jeanne!!! i have always wanted a window seat, ever since i was a little girl. my friend had one and i was so jealous. i could picture myself spending countless hours reading, drawing, or writing in my journal.


OMG!!!! I want to sit there and read. And yes, I will babysit your kids!!

Kim G.

Terrific job Jeanne! I'd like to cozy up there with a cold glass of lemonade...dreamy...

lorraine lewis

I love every little detail.
The antique measuring cups are amazing.


I'll be right over to have a seat! but you may have a hard time getting me to leave it's so beautiful!

Brooke Ahana Daily

you should be happy with the results! I'm ready to move right in...missing you.


smitten indeed
i love everything about your space...the pillows, the clock, the cloche, the books....all thoughtfully placed.
so perfect
ps--i always love a peek into your world:)


Okay - I am currently imagining myself curled up on that bench with my cup of earl grey and a blanket :) LOVELY!!!! Also, what did you use to fill that fab ticking cushion???

Queen B



Just beautiful. I really need you to come help me at our "new" old stone house. That is totally the look I want and the place is so 60's not sure where to start. Probably the walls...

Alice W.

Absolutely stunning! I love how you pulled it all together and I think a petite chandelier above would be just perfect! I think this may be my first visit to your blog...but I know it won't be my last...very inspiring! Thank you!


Good morning Jeanne :)

That spot looks so beautiful and cozy all at once that I would want to sit there all day and get nothing done. It looks like a magazine spread, seriously.

Wally world can have some very surprisingly good things ;)


Honey Bend Vintage

Oh I am smitten with that window seat!!! It is perfect~

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