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June 15, 2009


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Love it!!! Could totally cozy up there and read a good book or Mag.... Happy Monday!


Oh I would love to have a beautiful window seat like that. The pillows and cushion are wonderful!


Jeanne, that nook looks so pretty...what a great place to sit with your favorite book...you did such a beautiful job of putting it all together...lovely:)


I love it! I could just curl up with a book and waste the whole day. You've added such nice finishing touches - the old books, the beautiful jar of buttons. A work of art!


Jeanne -it looks FABULOUS! I can just imagine sipping tea: watching the snow fall, rain fall, kids playing outside, or reading a book. What a sweet seat - and check out gallery84.com for VERY inexpensive chandeliers - in all shapes and sizes!

Fabulous work!



Really beautiful! I LOVE ticking! The window seat looks so lovely and inviting and I love all the details you put around it on the shelves - perfect!


I could live in your house and feel at home. I am in love.

The Beautiful Life

Beautiful! It's so funny! We both have like all the same pillows! ;)

You did a lovely job! And while homeschoolig and traveling, too! :)

Just beautiful!



Oh, I'd curl up there with a glass of pinot noir and a book every night! Love those pillows so much. And that clock. I really need to find a pretty gold clock. :)

Karyn (French Charming)

It's so charming, you did a fantastic job and I love the pillows and shelves and yes a beautiful petite chandelier would be perfect!

Julie M.


: )


Can I just move in? How absolutely fabulous this space is!!! You did good, real good :)

Kari Payne


I. am. in. love. with your windowseat. What else is there to say? It's absolutely perfect. And I LOVE that you got that material at Walmart. It makes the whole thing that much more perfect because it's thrifty. I want to transplant this and put it in my home.... LOVE IT!!!


I think it looks so pretty and inviting...good job.
and i hear tea baths help fight the toddler 2's!

Molly @ Star Cottage

You never cease to amaze me. It looks so cozy. You put my window seat to shame. ;)

Stephanie Nelson

Umm...I totally love it! AHHH! I am bored at work and freaking out at the moment..its amazing! Oh to dream...ahhh...boss is coming, gotta go!



i love you, jeanne! i have seen those pretty target curtains, and considered them for hanna's room--sooo pretty. i love how you found that fabric at walmart. so cool! it all looks wonderful!

kana conger

A lovely window seat and it is all so great! Wondering where you got the pillows?


oh my...that is amazing...you have such great taste...the shelves are full of such amazing finds...A++ to you...please come over to my house it needs your touch! Pure Inspiration...i really need some of those pillows.


dreamiest window seat in the history of window seats. OH MY GOSH. :)


Stunning, just beautiful Jeanne. You have a great attention for detail. Love the shots!

diane reeves

Lovely! I am super impressed with the tea dyeing in the tub too.


I love what you did with that space. Every detail is comfort plus, inviting and interesting. It's really great and you did such a super job with the tea dyed cushions!! You should be so pleased!!


Your window seat is the perfect place to curl up with a good book. You have done a beautiful job of decorating it. Love the ticking, one of my favorites and all your sweet accessories just make it a perfect cozy spot. Great job!!!

Tricia Whisler

Very pretty! I want to curl up there each morning with my chocolate milk. (I dont drink coffee) and maybe even take a nap!

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