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June 25, 2009


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what a great time! I want to go! that teeter totter is awesome!


looks like they had a fun time...do you think my kids could tag along next time?

Elaine Power

Oh can I have a go on the tractor, please :) what a gorgeous farm, how long did it take you to drive? All I can say is it looks like its well worth the trip just to see your dad's face on the sea saw with his grand kids, enjoy :) looking forward to hearing all about the popsicles tomorrow.

Jennifer O'Brien

What great pictures! And priceless moments!
Your children will grow up to tell their children stories of these days and the fun they had at their grandparents farm, I guarantee it!

kana conger

Love the pictures of the your dad with your children on the farm...a special time indeed!

jen R Sanctuary arts at home

WHat a cool trip! It looks like such a fun time! Jen


how sweet. what wonderful memories for your kids and your parents!! the photos are fantastic. the smiles on your childrens' faces say it all!!


there is something very special about a grandpa and his grandkids!!! it's wonderful that you are giving these special memories to your children....
have a wonderful weekend~


Thanks for sharing these pictures of your beautiful family! You are such a great mom making precious memories for your children. Priceless!
xo Roberta


Oh so fun! You are precious. Have a beautiful day!


can I come to grandma's and grandpa's next time? I like tree swings, smores, and tractors! :) Happy weekend Jeanne!


love grandpa's gloves on the seesaw and ben's face. love jack walking with lizzy. fun shots!


What perfect childhood memories they'll have of these visits - it's exactly where kids should be!! I used to visit my great aunt and uncle on their ranch and those were some of the best times ever!! Love the sweet pictures of your trip and your babies!!


I love farms, kids and open space and even red tractors. What a lovely place that you can escape too with those darling kiddos. Thanks for sharing.


Oh your kids are making the best memories with their grandparents! The farm looks magical! You are a super mom driving with the kids! Have a wonderful weekend,

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Gorgeous pictures of the simpler way of life. You know I'm lovin' those. Have a great weekend.

Sheila Payne

Waht a nice trip. I too just got home from a trip and I was hoping to have some pictures up to show everyone..... nothing looks good compared to your sweet farm pictures. It was sooo hot and muggy where we were that I just did not get out on my parents farm to do any picture taking :( I planned on a whole lil photo shoot with my girls in their vintage crinolines and cowboy boots... I forgot the crinolines so I will do a lil shoot at home maybe in wine country soon. I like your site and your posts, please stop by mine and say hello.



Oh what happiness and great memories. You can just feel and see their joy! Yes, you are Superwoman for doing that drive! What a nice traition though, memories that will forever be etched in your childrens minds for a lifetime. You're a good Mom! Love the farm...thanks for sharing the pictures with us!


Your photos are ah-MAZ-ing. You captured your trip so beautfully. Your blog is great! (I found you on Farm Chicks.)

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