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June 11, 2009


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Oh drats, what happened to my comment?! 2nd try.. It's bad enough I have tears all over my keyboard reading about the wonderful time you all had. It just sounds simply amazing. And, sweet Jeanne, you really do look absolutely adorable in every picture. Love the clothes at Sage Creek too. Have a great weekend!

Oh, and BTW, I have already received 3 compliments on my new purse:)


How do I get an invite to this fabulous chicken farm blogging party thing????????????


i could look at these pictures all day. what a lovely weekend away for you. i love Sage Creek. such a great store.


Would love to have been there but I think it could have been dangerous spending. I love that adorable pink shelf. Great photos thanks for sharing.


Oh my gosh that looks like SO much fun! A girl's dream trip :)

lorraine lewis

Jeanne everything looks so amazing- especially you in those darling clothes. I wish so much I could have gone- next year for sure!!!

I would have bought the pink shelf in a heart beat- so amazing.


Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures. I would love to attend this show at some point in the future!


it all looks so amazing...what a wonderful time you must have had...thanks for sharing the magic with those of us who could not be there in person...your pictures are lovely!!!


hey girl i wanted that locker too !! and pink isn't my color either - i walked away from it twice and then it was sold so someone got it and i had no idea they raised the price -too funny - i definitely would have bought it for 250!!! soo glad too we got to spend more time together , now for our next event the Bella !! we definitely are hanging more together there!!!

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