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June 11, 2009


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One of my very favorite photos of the weekend - you and I at the party~

Molly @ Star Cottage

Love the photos. What an amazing trip. And I too love the clothes. You look fabulous. I especially love the dress in the last photo.


Such great pictures! You got one of your amazing pillows! Have you gotten any of your shipped stuff yet? You do have the cutest clothes!! I need you to come shop with me and help me pick stuff out!!

Peanut Petunia

I want that pink shelf SOOOOO bad. I would buy it right now if I could!!!!

susan @ www.peanutpetunia.blogspot.com

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Such great stuff there, Jeanne. Oh, yes, those gym lockers make me swoon. And it's true, you look great have a great style, Jeanne!

Elaine Power

Jeanne its all so great I wish I could have caught a plane & joined you all, I would have had a field day, thanks for sharing, funny you should mention the clothes as I was looking at your dress in the last photo love it big time, you stylish lady!
Elaine :)


Oh my goodness! That would have been the biggest practice of self restraint ever. I saw so many things just in your photos that I want to snap up. I laughed out loud when I got to the part in your post about the clothes. I was seriously about to email you about the dress in that last photo. I absolutely love it! Just my style. You are such a cutie! Thanks for sharing:)


that pink wire basket thingy...it's pulling at my heart strings. i can't imagine getting to touch it and then walking away from it.
you poor thing.
have a wonderful weekend!


Great recap of the weekend!! You did look quite fabulous the whole time ~ I can see why you are getting remarks :)
I was lol about the cute picture of the three of you girls...and the scary mannequin in the background! Look at her trying to weasel her way into your picture.


This looks like so much fun! I can see why people have been asking about your clothes too. Great style, lady!


what a beautiful blast your time was!!


Hi Jeanne :)

That trip looks like so much fun! I've had a great time looking at everyone's pictures. Oh and yes, you looked adorable. I think everyone did :)



Wow wee, that was a fun post Jeanne! You did look so cute the whole time, I really loved your dress at the party so cute! Thanks for all the amazing photos...XO~


Crazy Fun....ok i can see why everyone was fighting over that pink basket shelf unit...oh dear amazing!!!
What fun you had and thank you so much for sharing.
Your clothes ARE adorable...maybe you need to start a fashion blog???? I would follow along!


I so badly wish that I could have been a part of this incredible weekend!! Next year :)
Thank you for sharing! You are too cute for words!


Thanks for answering questions about your clothes - a silly question I know - but you really have a wonderful sense of style. Wow great treasures to be found at this show - someday I will go - someday....:)

A pocket full of posies...

OHHH MYYYY!!! Swoon! that pink storage bin!!! SOOO my studio!!! and everything looks just amazing!!! and ya'll ALL were too cute for words...Oh! I am so sad now...no, really I am so happy you had such an awesome time!!!
Many Blessings!

Tricia Whisler

You do have great clothes Jeanne! Wonderful pictures and so glad you shared them. That pink shelf with the baskets is AWESOME!!!! I would have gone crazy there wanting so much stuff. :)


what a great post!
these last several months i feel so blessed to have made some sweet friendships with many of ya'll from blogland. how i wish i could have been there to have fun in person!

your outfits are fantastic girl!!
you were totally working it....am i gonna see some of these pretty faces in next months country living? surely


looks like it was amazing! i love that tower of wire baskets! too bad about having to take the plane home :) i too really like the shirtdress, very pretty!


My new sweet, sweet friend! I'm so happy to have spent even a little time with you. You've touched my heart! My eyes DID well up when I met you! You hold a very special place in my heart now!! I know we will meet again... Oh, and your amazing sense of humor only makes you MORE endearing!


p.s. Is Rebekah's comment funny or what?!?!

Angela Harris

I'm always so envious of these posts of the ladies that went. It looks like SO much fun!
Maybe some day when the kids are older.
you took some beautiful photos. Everything looks too good to pass up.
~Angela Harris

jen R Sanctuary arts at home

That's because you look so darn cute in your clothes!


wonderful round up to the weekend you all had! And I totally agree you looked stunning in every single picture! It would have been so hard to pass up those great items.... oh how fun.

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