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June 14, 2009


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lorraine lewis

That pink rack would have been an awesome place to store 63 pairs of shoes. 63 pairs of shoes, thats crazy!!! Crazy fun.

jen R Sanctuary arts at home

I have one word for you... kegels.


that wasn't 27 things...are you playing with our minds?
that is a lot of shoes lady!
i do believe the part about being able to talk to anyone...you have got the gift!
have a great night.


alright alright, I love to play games, so I will post mine soon! Love yours, you are too funny! Melaine


You are too funny - love this list! 63 pairs!! Wow!

Elaine Power

63 pairs of shoes!!! you lucky girl lovley reading more about you. Funny about the hair I am brunette always wanted to be blonde the highlights worked well but when I went a posh spice blonde every one freaked & I went running back to the hairdressers the next day.
Elaine ;)

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Wow, that's a lot of shoes, Jeanne! Do you have a special closet for them? How do you store them? Do you remember what shoes you have? My husband likes shoes too - he has way more pairs than me :)


You are so funny. That was just so cute and I loved that your charm came out in full. Have a great day.


kegels... that caught my eye... funny. How old is your baby? Mine is 5 1/2 and the pee pee thing went away... I hope it does for you too. I only have like 8 pairs of shoes because I only wear flip flops and uggs... I love shoes though. I'm just usually drawn to the expensive ones. Although my favorite shoes are Steve Madden cheapies! My dad is a realtor as well and I LOVE looking in people's homes! I'm usually surprised at how ugly they are inside. BUT I'm always ready to try and fix up anything. And I would LOVE to live somewhere sunny but my friends, church, family, and most important... sister are here! Wow... is this a comment or a blog post? xo


hahaha! I love it. I keep coming back to #2 and laughing.


It is so fun to read these things and I was dying laughing about peeing your pants when you work out, cause uhm, well...I have only had one baby i pee my pants on occasion when I run..so embarassing, I could only imagine after a couple more I might not be able to leave the house for fear of a river following me! :) Happy Monday Jeanne!

Tricia Whisler

Have mercy that's alot of shoes!!! I got the journal today and it is sooooo perfect Jeanne! I love it! Thank you again for doing that for me and making it special!


Hi Jeanne :)

Your ice-cream man comment cracked me up! I think he might be related to the guy we had in virginia ...hehehehe....

Being a brunette with almost black hair my whole life, I always wanted to be a blond. Funny how that works ;)



Yep, it's nice to know that peeing when laughing or coughing and for sure running happens after kiddos! I adore shoes too, but i catch myself wearing the same pair over and over!!!
happy Monday,

Heidi Gordon

come on the bugs, humidity and snow are not that bad....RIGHT! The snow and cold so far are worse than the bugs and the humidity this year, but ask me about the cicadas two years ago...or DON"T! hehehe


Thanks for playing along! I loved reading them, I had no I idea you were computer challanged like me. The ones about your wedding day & being pregnant were very sweet. Good to know I am not alone about the pee thing,sneezing gets me every time.
Have a good one,


Jeanne, you are too cute!!

I'm blonde too and always wished I were brunette. Indian or Hispanic would be PERFECT!

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